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 what does a chargeback mean in accts receivable?

 i want to know how to get my access code to the capital one credit card i just applied for?
I got an offer in the mail and it says I can get access to my account within 60 seconds and they did not give me my access ...

 What is the best way to eliminate credit card debt without having to pay a lot of interest if very little?

 What is SWIFT Code?

 How can I stop getting pre approved letters from credit card companies?

 Does anyone use the Amazon.com Platinum Visa card? Is it free? Is there any catch?

Additional Details
Is it available to Canadians?...

 Where can you find a credit card, when you have bad credit?

 How do I start a nonprofit bank?
Our 501 C organization is wanting to start a financial institution to help low income families especially those who have no credit ...

 What powers does a collection agency have? Can they garnish wages? Take you to court etc...? For Canada or US?

 How to get financing for a newly starting business, that has no history? Can it be supported by porposal?

Additional Details
I would very much prefer if it is in a Malaysia context.

However, situations and ideas from all other countries all very warmly welcome....

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Unspent TARP money to be used for jobs: Obama

Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, has said that the unspent funds from the bailout for the financial industry may be used to accelerate the growth of jobs in the country.

... Read More

4.6 magnitude earthquake hits California

A magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck off the Northern California coast early Saturday morning according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The 4.6 magnitude quake struck at 12:46 a.m. and was located in the Pacific Ocean about 30 miles west of Ferndale.

The agency said the quake could have... Read More

The Future of the U.S. Dollar

March 10, 2010 – FutureOfDollar.com ©


The World is concerned that the dollar cannot play the role of the main reserve currency any longer after the financial crisis sparked by the collapse of the U.S. mortgage market led to the worst global recession since the 19... Read More

Detroit is Toast

You don’t believe me when I tell you that Detroit, one of America’s most iconic cities is a dying city? Will you believe me when I tell you that in Detroit a palatial home that sold for $250,000 as recently as 2005 was recently sold for small change; $10,000?

... Read More

US unemployment rises to 9.9 per cent

The US unemployment rate edged up to 9.9 per cent according to the US Labour Department while 290,000 new jobs were created, 66,000 as temporary hirings for census activities by the Federal government. The Labour force as a whole increased by over 800,000 in April.

... Read More

40 million Americans rely on food stamps, new record

According to the latest government figures on food stamps, 40 million American received them as part of the federal anti-hunger program, which helps poor peple buy food.

... Read More

US oil-leak into the Gulf of Mexico may be the worst in US history

US scientists and lawmakers have stated that the leak in the seabed well which is spilling oil into the Gulf of Mexico could be the worst oil spill in US history, which would eclipse even the Exxon Valdez incident in Alaska in 1989. They further stated that this could be economically and... Read More

War Weakens America

America’s ascendancy to world power status occurred during its period of inter-war isolationism. Its pre-eminence was catapulted further by its involvement in World War Two. The spoils of war and removal of Germany and Japan as major trade competitors seemed to make America’s position... Read More

‘US facing Soviet-like disintegration’ says Iranian lawmaker

Reports from PressTV state that senior Iranian lawmaker Alaeddin Boroujerdi said that the “US is facing Soviet-like disintegration” warning the US of imminent collapse.

... Read More

100,000 Jobs at Stake Due to BP Oil Spill: Experts

US energy experts warn that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could cost up to 100,000 jobs as unemployment figures continue to rise in the state of Louisiana.

Figures released by the US Department of Labour showed how the unemployment rate in Louisiana rose 0.2 to 7 per cent, ma... Read More

China: The US is Insolvent and Faces Bankruptcy

A recent article in the Financial Times quotes the head of China’s biggest credit rating agency has said that the US is insolvent and U.S. credit ratings are a joke.

“The western rating agencies are politicised and highly ideological and they do not adhere to objective stan... Read More

Nearly 7 Million Americans Lose Jobs in Q4 2009

According to a report released Wednesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S., 6.8 million Americans lost their job in the last quarter of 2009, running from September to December 2009.

Despite 6.6 million new jobs created during the same period, the big job losses oversha... Read More

US New Home Sales Drop 12.4% to Record Low

New home sales fell to record lows in July as the real estate housing market in the US continued to suffer from a slow and fragile economy.

Single-family home sales dropped a staggering 12.4 per cent to a 276,000 unit annual rate from a downwardly revised rate of 315,000 in the mon... Read More

41.8 million Americans Receiving Food Stamps

The shattered U.S. economy and rising unemployment has pushed a record 41.8 million Americans onto food stamps in July, representing an 18 per cent increase from the prior year.

... Read More

Is the U.S. Dollar Finished?

... Read More

The Real Terror of Flying

Present-day hysteria about child abuse, pornography and the photographing of children has led to absurd situations with sinister overtones. Parents are dragged through court for taking a bath time fun picture of their child. A young father photographing his toddler son was ordered out of a fun... Read More

RT News Crew Gets Arrested and Spends 32 hours in U.S. Jail for Covering Rally Against “School of Assassins”

An RT news crew has been released on bail after spending over 30 hours in a U.S. jail. The male cameraman and female reporter were covering an annual rally near a military base in Georgia nicknamed “School of Assasins”.

Watch the video report from RT to get the full story.

... Read More

Millions of Americans to Lose Unemployment Benefits

800,000 Americans are set to lose all their unemployment benefits by the end of the month, a figure which is set to soar to 2 million by the end of the year as The House of Representatives voted against a bill to extend jobless benefits.

... Read More

10-year-old Shoots Mother in the Head

A 10-year-old boy from Ohio, USA has allegedly murdered his mother by shooting her in the head with a .22 calibre rifle.

... Read More

Hysteria Over Thousands of Bird and Fish Deaths in Arkansas

Over 100,000 fish washed up on a river bank in Arkansas and as many as 4,000 birds fell from the sky on New Years Eve.

... Read More

Justin Bieber Fans Threaten Selena Gomez

Attribution : © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com

The celebrity teen Justin Bieber has been spotted smooching the 18-year-old Disney star Selena Gomez sparking a string of death threats from Justin Bieber fans.

On Twitter, one fan wrote: ‘Roses ... Read More

Tourism Predictions 2009

Stormy weather ahead for the Travel and Tourism industry?

... Read More

Sol Melia sees 70 per cent drop in profits

... Read More

Airlines to face $4.7 billion losses

The global airlines industry is expected to lose $4.7 billion in 2009 as the global financial crisis takes its toll on passenger and cargo demand, according to a statement released by the International Air Transport Association, I.A.T.A. on Tuesday.

The latest estimate represents ... Read More

Global hotel prices drop 12 per cent

The average price of a hotel room around the world fell by 12 percent last year, according to the latest hotels.com Hotel Price Index. This fall in prices paid was driven by price drops across every continent.

Hotel prices in December 2008 were more than one tenth lower than they w... Read More

Europe Hoteliers Expect Chain Bankruptcies

... Read More

Tourism and travel industry set to contract in 2009

The global tourism and travel industry is set to contract in 2009, according to a new report by Euromonitor International entitled “The Forecast Restatement – Travel and Tourism in a Crisis” launched at the World Travel Market Vision conference last week.

“The g... Read More

Global Aviation Heading For $9 Billion Loss

The global aviation industry is heading for a gigantic $9 billion in 2009, according to the latest forecasts from the International Air Transport Association. The latest predicitons put March’s estimate of $4.4 billion into the shade.

Out of the $9 billion losses which the gl... Read More

Global tourism industry collapses: UN World Tourism Agency

The United Nations World Tourism Organization recently revealed, that international tourism fell by eight per cent in the first quarter of 2009.

Europe has seen its tourism industry affected more than others, with a 10 per cent decline, while Asia declined 6 per cent and Africa and... Read More

Yahoo reports losses of $303.4 million

Yahoo Inc. (YHOO), has reported a loss in the fourth quarter of $303.4 million as the economic downturn hit sales of online ads.

The company reported spending about $137 million on severance and reorganization. It laid off about 1,500 employees last month, reducing its work... Read More

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