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 english-speaking call centre staff with accents. annoying?
Firstly, even though this question is going to sound racist, Im not a racist. I know everyone says that, but Im really not. I think accents are cool and that they make english more colorful and ...

 Microsoft Zune?
I am getting a zune tomorrow. Is there anything I need to know about it? Any problems or anything like that?

Thanks in advance....

 What should be on the agenda of a corporations first (organisation) meeting?

Additional Details
The first meeting of the board of ...

 For the Sake of Argument, Let' Say you Are a Manufacturer (e. g, Aquadots), How Would you Evaluate-?
-(Initially), the Safety of your Product?
Additional Details
Yeah Mad, Very Dangerous, From What I've Heard, Upon Ingestion, Thanks....

 should walmart enter India's retail market??
why or why not??

 Is Buffett the world's richest man today?
If my numbers are correct, he owns 474,998 shares of Berkshire Hathaway class A shares which are currently trading at $147,900.00 each. This gives him a net worth of over 70 billion....

 Who was asking me for the direct phone line to Yahoo about false reports?
I have two phone numbers
Additional Details

 why did HUTCH / ESSAR sold its company .?

 anyone have a phone number for Onyx Credit Card Company ?

 Are there any professional Deaf Builders out there?
This profession is old school. Deaf often work as trade people but what about management level? I would like to meet others with possibilities of helping each other grow professionally....

US foreclosures rise 30 percent in February

U.S. home foreclosures took a steep 30 per cent rise in February compared to February 2008. The increase in foreclosure filings in February jumped nearly 6% from January.

One in every 440 households with loans drew a filing last month, RealtyTrac said. Nearly 291,000 properties in the U.S. got a foreclosure filing in February, the third highest monthly total since RealtyTrac began tracking the data in January 2005.

Foreclosure is on the rise, despite President Barack Obama’s attempt with a $275 billion rescue plan to help home owners avoid foreclosure. Rising unemployment are keeping foreclosure on the rise and many analysts belive that as long as unemployment is on the rise, so will foreclosure.

Image by respres under Creative Commons.

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