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 What bank is better BECU or Bank of America??
which one has good interests rate and offers more?

any others you recommend?...

 Don't you wish your job had recess or gym class for all the adult workers?
A lot of these people need to get off their butts. It would be fun to play dodgeball vs. that nerd Jeff from Accounting!
Additional Details
If PE ability were factored into my employment,...

 I started my career at McDonalds, followed by Walmart, then moved up to Sam's Club?
I am now at the Fashion Bug, but my career doesnt seem to get anywhere, as they cut my hours to 25 a week, from 35. I worked hard to reach 35 hours and they dont seem to appreciate it. Are there any ...

 is world ventures travel a scam?

 "Battle of the forms" is one of the most famous contractual expressions.?
When does it arise?...

 Customer Service?? Share your horror stories?
I hate it when I have to deal with rude nasty customer service reps. Does writing a letter to the company headquarters work? Is anything ever done about it? I dont think so. The worst customer ...

 i want to do advertising - reaching out to mainly corporate companies. Any good platforms for me to reach out?

 What is the most trusted bank in the US as of 2010?

Additional Details
Most trusted: financial provider does what's best for the customer, not just its own.


 Are they really recording the phone calls?
You know when you call any kind of customer service the operator always tells you that "this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes"? Are they really recording your phone ...

 How to earn money through Internet without any investment?

US foreclosures rise 30 percent in February

U.S. home foreclosures took a steep 30 per cent rise in February compared to February 2008. The increase in foreclosure filings in February jumped nearly 6% from January.

One in every 440 households with loans drew a filing last month, RealtyTrac said. Nearly 291,000 properties in the U.S. got a foreclosure filing in February, the third highest monthly total since RealtyTrac began tracking the data in January 2005.

Foreclosure is on the rise, despite President Barack Obama’s attempt with a $275 billion rescue plan to help home owners avoid foreclosure. Rising unemployment are keeping foreclosure on the rise and many analysts belive that as long as unemployment is on the rise, so will foreclosure.

Image by respres under Creative Commons.

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