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 can i deposit government cheques re old age & canada pension after a death?
I am executor & have power of attorney?? T...

 How much would this be with tax in Ontario?
I want to buy 3 books at Chapters in Ontario. I calculated how much they would cost, but I don't know how to calculate tax. It is 32.69$. How much would that be with tax in Ontario, Canada....

 Do I have to file a tax return? Would call the IRS but they don't always give the right advice.?
My husband and I have a combined income of $20,952 a year from Social Security (that is all the income we presently have and neither of us has worked a job for the last 2 years) My question is: I ...

 Inheritance tax Vs Buy for $1.00?
My mother wants to transfer her house and 8 acres to me to avoid any taxes or fees that might be placed on the property if willed to me. I am an only child,
This is in the state of Alabama. The ...

 after cashing a bank C D when are taxes due?

 What are the tax implications with a moving away allowance?
The move is to another province for a few years.
We plan to keep our house in our home province and may rent it out (if it makes financial sense).
If the employer provides an allowance for ...

 i have a land in india ,karnataka state?
which is a farming land i got the land RTC converted in my name from my father ,where as the land belong to first party in govt records it is still in the first party name it has not been registered ...

 I have a home loan and I am planning to gift the home to my wife who is not working and then can I claim HRA?
benefit. I am planning to go for second house and I will claim IT benefit for principal & Interest (EMI) befefit for the same....

 my Client had purchased flat 20 yrs ago, not showed in income tax, want to sell flat what to do?
My Client had purchased flat 20 yrs back, he is working in company, Flat purchased entry has not been shown to Income tax, now he want to sell flat.

But as he have not shown this property ...

 Tax rules for Australian's on overseas shares?
I was speaking to someone the other day who lives in New Zealand and he has an offshore bank account in Hong Kong and trades shares in Hong Kong. He said that the taxes in Hong Kong on trading ...

US foreclosures rise 30 percent in February

U.S. home foreclosures took a steep 30 per cent rise in February compared to February 2008. The increase in foreclosure filings in February jumped nearly 6% from January.

One in every 440 households with loans drew a filing last month, RealtyTrac said. Nearly 291,000 properties in the U.S. got a foreclosure filing in February, the third highest monthly total since RealtyTrac began tracking the data in January 2005.

Foreclosure is on the rise, despite President Barack Obama’s attempt with a $275 billion rescue plan to help home owners avoid foreclosure. Rising unemployment are keeping foreclosure on the rise and many analysts belive that as long as unemployment is on the rise, so will foreclosure.

Image by respres under Creative Commons.

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