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 Salary of Exhibit designer?
What would you say the starting salary of someone with their B.S. and starting in an exhibit design firm would be?...

 I have been applying for entry level marketing jobs and I cannot tell if they are shady. HELP!?
All the websites are pretty standard but also tend to be pretty vague. I cannot tell whether these businesses are real or some sort of scam. The interview processes are virtually the same. You ...

 This is Construction Quest?
You need modify the bid when
I).after presenting your estimate to the subs.
2).before signing a contract whith your customer.
3).after the project is completed.
4).before paying ...

 We Need a FUN NAME for a BEAUTY Product Website any ideas?
We are looking for FUN and girly- names also creative website names for a beauty supply store we plan on opening, every name we think about the domain is already taken, any cute and fun names you ...

 I own www.thebuynsell.com. How can i market it better with no advertising budget?
I've tried manual and autosurf traffic exchanges, blogs, forums, classifieds, networking sites, chat rooms, just about every free option i can think of. Have i missed anything?...

 What is Brand stretching?

 What is Combination brand name?

 Would you like to see a Consumers' section on Yahoo A.?
Maybe I haven't seen it, but would it be legal, to post opinions of products, not just electrical...so we could all forwarn each other or praise something ?? Maybe they already have a section ...

 How would you go about starting, publishing and distributing a niche magazine in Australia?
The niche market im talking about it the comic/manga industry. The magazine based on exerpts of chapters of manga done by australian artists, for national distribution and eventually international (...

 What is Direct Response Agencies?

US economy shrinks at worst rate in 25 years

The US economy has experienced a sharp contraction in the final quarter 2008 at 6.2 per cent. The figure is much higher than the estimated 3.8 per cent fall and the worst results in 25 years.

Fact is the U.S. recession continues to deepen. Consumer confidence is down. Job losses are on the increase. Consumer spending is dropping (4Q 2008 results show consumer spending dropped by 4.3 per cent – the worst figures since 1980). Exports also crumbled and stocks are having their roughest times in decades.

The near future doesn’t look any brighter with first quarter 2009 figures estimates hovering around 6 per cent.

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