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 My mom had a bad house fire in November and the ins. comp. isn't cooperating.....?
The house next to my moms burned in late Nov. and her house caught on fire too. She can't live there. The insurance company isn't giving her a reasonable amount to fix it. Can the smoke ...

 If you're stuck abroad due to the volcano, have to stay longer in your hotel, can you claim on your insurance?
Just thinking a lot of people are going to be spent out and in financial difficulties through no fault of their own?
Additional Details
Heard something somewhere about it being "an ...

 Can I get my daughter back if I signed a Power of Attorney paper but didn't go to court to get it notarized?
Im trying to get my daughter back from my uncle and aunt but the thing is I signed a Power of Attorney paper saying that my uncle and aunt could take her to her doctor and daycare while I was in G...

 what are the consequences of lying about being a full time student to be under my parent's health insurance?
the insurance company sent me a paper to fill out saying the reason that i am elegable to be under my parent's health plan, and it also asks how many credit hours i am. I was a full time ...

 can my employer stop my insurance and make any charges i make that go through now make me pay for?

Additional Details
My employer said he is switching me to Cobra and that if I use my insurace that they have been providing , that the visits or charges that go through on the account , ...

 Is there any type of insurance that will cover a pregnant woman after shes been pregnant for a few months?
Husband is getting out of the military right before I am going to have my baby. Is there any type of insurance that will cover me after he gets out and when im going to have the baby?...

 how can i know my pan card details?

 Should I change to a health insurance plan with a higher deductible or higher premium?
ok, so bear with me... I'm trying to decide between two health plans, both are Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Plan A: Deductible is $1500, Premium is $137/mo. 0% coinsurance (after ...

 I want my car to be titled to me, but my parent's won't let me pay for it?
They are saying they'd rather see me saving money and using it for college. But I'm 19 years old and I'm trying to plan things out with moving out.

The car isn't titled ...

 I need an honest answer - Does life insurance "REALLY" pay?
Here's the thing I'm worried about.

I'm thinking about upping my policy to a $1,000,000 policy. See at face value, I DON'T trust insurance companies. Though my ...

US economy shrinks at worst rate in 25 years

The US economy has experienced a sharp contraction in the final quarter 2008 at 6.2 per cent. The figure is much higher than the estimated 3.8 per cent fall and the worst results in 25 years.

Fact is the U.S. recession continues to deepen. Consumer confidence is down. Job losses are on the increase. Consumer spending is dropping (4Q 2008 results show consumer spending dropped by 4.3 per cent – the worst figures since 1980). Exports also crumbled and stocks are having their roughest times in decades.

The near future doesn’t look any brighter with first quarter 2009 figures estimates hovering around 6 per cent.

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