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 How much could you spend on a house if you made $200,000 a year and have 4 kids?
that would be the only source of income thanks
Additional Details
I have perfect credit etc just give me a rough ...

 Paypal deposit question...?
I just made a paypal account using my RBC debit card and they said to confirm
my account, they will make two small deposits and I have to log into pay in 2-3 days and enter
the deposit ...

 What kind of bankruptcy options?
I am not sure what kind of BK atty to contact if any. I have a great job, make good money, and I have less than $10K in personal debt outside of my home. I am having to close down a small business. ...

 different ways to earn money?
hi i live in san antonio texas and am looking to start a change in how i earn my money i was just laid off yet again so im done working at hourly monday thru friday bull crap jobs id like to find ...

 Is it safe or unsafe ?
Is it safe or unsafe financially for some1 to give his full real name, date of birth and address ?
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And how is it unsafe if you think it is unsafe ?...

 how to earn money at odd jobs?
i am saving up for a laptop, where are good places to find loose change and what are some odd jobs that i can make money at. also is there a better way to make more money at a lemonade stand?...

 I have a personal loan that has a judgement of 100k. Can this be settled out?

 how much is this emerald worth?

 jobs for 14 year olds?
Im 14 and am trying to make money. Are there any websites where teens can sell things they make? And what jobs beside lawn mowing and babysitting could I do for money? I don't have a lawn mower ...

 How do you know if you have enough debt/meet requirements of filing bankruptcy....short of going to lawyer?

US economy sheds 700,000 jobs in February

The US lost 697,000 jobs last month, according to a national employment report published Wednesday by payroll giant Automatic Data Processing Inc. and consultancy Macroeconomic Advisers.

The Dow Jones Newswires survey forecasted around 630,000 jobs lost making the nearly 700,000 jobs lost an uncomforting reality. The job losses in January were revised to 614,000 jobs lost, compared to initial figures of 522,000.

The gloomy reality doesn’t end there, TrimTabs Investment Research said it estimated that the U.S. economy lost 778,000 jobs in February. If comes April figures are revised upwards again, the real job losses could start nearing 1,000,000.

The first three months of 2009, saw over 2,000,000 Americans lose their jobs. If the trend continues like this then 2009 could see a total loss of 8,000,000 jobs.

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