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 i have a 1000 yen what is that in us?

 i'm 24, and I have about $2,000 to invest?
I just turned 24, I just bought a house, and I have an extra $2,000 in the bank. Instead of having it collect low interest in the bank, whats a good investment I could do with the money?...

 whats the best way to invest 10000 dollars that wont be spent for anoither year?
I have $10000 in the savings right now. I dont plan on spending it for another year-whats the best way to invest for it to grow? thanks guys! I would really like some advice from someone whos done it ...

 Why does money have value?
once again ...

 I've got 5000 pounds extra to invest!?
I've got 5000 pounds extra to invest and I was wondering can someone tell me how and where to invest this money safely because thats all I have got oh by the way I live in UK, London if anybody ...

 What are some good things to invest in?
I have $7,000 and I don't want it just sitting in the bank. What are some great investments to make?...

 How do i become rich by the stock market?
i want to know some penny stocks to invest in.
I want to only invest what i can afford to lose...around 100 dollars.
I seen some web sites, and info but seems to be no where i can find ...

 what different between time & money?

 First time using the stock market? What should i invest in?
my mom is telling me that i cant go wrong with pepsico and walmart. i dont disagree, id like another opinion tho. whats a hot stock now?...

 I bought $100,000 of AAPL at $177 with $$ borrowed from credit cards. Now i'm stuck. What should I do? Sell?

US economy sheds 700,000 jobs in February

The US lost 697,000 jobs last month, according to a national employment report published Wednesday by payroll giant Automatic Data Processing Inc. and consultancy Macroeconomic Advisers.

The Dow Jones Newswires survey forecasted around 630,000 jobs lost making the nearly 700,000 jobs lost an uncomforting reality. The job losses in January were revised to 614,000 jobs lost, compared to initial figures of 522,000.

The gloomy reality doesn’t end there, TrimTabs Investment Research said it estimated that the U.S. economy lost 778,000 jobs in February. If comes April figures are revised upwards again, the real job losses could start nearing 1,000,000.

The first three months of 2009, saw over 2,000,000 Americans lose their jobs. If the trend continues like this then 2009 could see a total loss of 8,000,000 jobs.

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