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 If gas prices nationwide go up because of the BP oil spill, why is BP the only oil company responsible?
Doesn't it stand to reason that if one company makes a mistake it should bear the consequences? Since its BP's crude floating away, shouldn't only BP prices be affected? Why does it ...

 the last an ad user has logged in?
I've noticed that we have in Active Directory more users than the company has actual employees.

Is there a simple way to check Active Directory accounts and see if there are any ...

 Will Asda deliver my food shop to Glastonbury during the festival?

 What is Staples Business Depot's employee agenda acronym?
I am going for an interview today and was told the acronym for their customer service, but I can't remember it. It has four steps and ends with "TS" for total satisfaction? Help!...

 Now that United and Continental are one airline, what is next as diminished competition quickly raises prices?

 who is the richest man of the world ?

 How do you know if you passed the pre employment questionare at the end of application?
And how exactly do you pass it i took so many and never got a phone call or email any advice ...

 What do you call the leader of a company.?
Like the head guy i know its the guy who everyone goes to like the like the vice principle and then theirs the principal what do you call that leader....

 is it weird to call places and ask if they're hiring?
i feel like it would save time rather than going from place to place asking for an application and such....

 © is this the Copy Right sign?

Additional Details
so is it Corporation or Copy Right?...

U.S. unemployment rate hits 26-year high

The U.S. unemployment rate hit a 26-year high in March as employers cut a whopping 633,000 jobs. According to the U.S. Labor Department already 2 million jobs have been lost this year and over 5 million since the beginning of 2008 leaving a total of 13.2 million U.S. citizens jobless.

The unemployment rate is now the highest since 1983. The Labour department revised earlier months’ figures downward, reflecting new information, and January now stands as the worst month for job cuts since October 1949.

Long-term unemployment, counting those who have been jobless for 27 weeks or more, rose to 3.2 million over the month, adding 1.9 million since December 2007.

Among adult men, 8.8 percent are unemployed. Among adult women, 7 percent are unemployed. For blacks, the jobless rate reached 13.3 percent in March. For Hispanics, the unemployment rate is 11.4 percent.

The current downturn has in many respects exceeded every recession since the Second World War and is approaching the severity of the Great Depression. It is already the longest downturn of the post-war period, and has seen a larger number of job losses than any downturn since that of 1929-32.

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