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 is there a motor insurance national data base FOR UK?

 Is it necessary for your auto insurance company to have your social security number?

 If I am a full time salaried employee, is my boss required to provide health insurance?

 Insurance company refuse insure my house, what can I do?

I bought a house at a auction for £30000 last week. The house is empty (vacated). But the house is locked up and no internal view before the auction, I cannot access this house ...

 If my neighbor's house catches fire because of a wood stove, and they don't have coverage for that, and it cau
ses my house to catch fire, what pays for my house repairs?
Additional Details
I have fire insurance. If my neighbor has a wood stove, I wonder if the insurance company can raise the ...

 Can someone direct me to a legit website where I can get a comparison on various health insurances?
I'm a full-time student who works part-time. I'd like to purchase a temporary insurance w/c covers for health, dental, and vision care, but I'm skeptical of entering my personal info ...

 how much insurance would it be for a 18years old getttin insured a vw polo 1.6?
i just passed recently and i need to get insured how much will it be on my dads ...

 Help! My neighbor flooded my ceiling, but I don't have insurance!?
I live in a condo complex. My neighbor flooded our ceiling when she said her dishwasher wouldn't stop filling water (not sure about it). Then I asked her Insurance, they wouldn't cover ...

 My son is in the military and wants me to purchase an insurance policy?
My son is in military and wants me to buy an insurance policy for him does anyone know if this can be done?? He wants his beneficiary little brother if anything ever happened to him would I - his ...

 Individual health insurance plan?
I'm trying to find an individual plan that covers all my needs. I do have a routine medical problem that requires a few prescriptions every month, it's not a big and costly issue like ...

JPMorgan to slash 14,000 jobs

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) is planning on cutting a total of 14,000 jobs this year.

The company said Thursday it will cut around 12,000 jobs as a part of its takeover of the failed Washington Mutual.

The other 2,000 layoffs will occur in the company’s investment banking sector.

According to Reuters, “JPMorgan announced the cuts in an all-day presentation to investors. The reductions are intended to help the New York-based lender weather the current economic turmoil, as its customers struggle with falling house prices, tight credit and increasing mortgage and credit card defaults.”

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