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 if your mother is dieing and in the hospital does your employer have the right to make you work?

 what do you do if your friends get mad at you?

 what is god?

 What makes your day a wonderful day?
go ...

 how old do you gotta be to go the cash4gold place?
I got some gold i would like to cash in, just wondering if you gotta be 18 or something cause I'm only 16....

 Is there a million dollar candy bar?

 If money is being used to complete a transaction between a buyer and a seller, the money is being used as what?
12. If money is being used to complete a transaction between a buyer and a seller, the money is being used as:
a. Standard of value
b. Store of value
c. Standard of deferred payment

 help me for a laugh?
im dieing to scare my husband! whats that website when u have somone look at the screen and then a scaryy face just pops out?...

 are people afraid to admit jesus was homosexual?
why else would yahoo remove my question asking if he was?
Additional Details
29 th century?wow....

 why is that there are people who really laf out loud even for not so funny thing?
Their reason: they just can't control it, they say! yours?...

JPMorgan to slash 14,000 jobs

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) is planning on cutting a total of 14,000 jobs this year.

The company said Thursday it will cut around 12,000 jobs as a part of its takeover of the failed Washington Mutual.

The other 2,000 layoffs will occur in the company’s investment banking sector.

According to Reuters, “JPMorgan announced the cuts in an all-day presentation to investors. The reductions are intended to help the New York-based lender weather the current economic turmoil, as its customers struggle with falling house prices, tight credit and increasing mortgage and credit card defaults.”

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