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 i want to know my future?
i want to know my ...

 I want to book an apartment on-line..?
I want book an apartment on-line with this web -page-
http://barcelonaparts.co How can I know if I can trust it to honest ?...


 I have space available for ATM on lease.But i don't know whom to contact.?
Shop Available for ATM Machine on Rent Basis
I have shop for ATM Machine, Location at 33/1 Village Moti Bagh – 2, Nanak Pura, Near Gurudawara, Opp. Ram Mandir, New Delhi - 110021. Area of the ...

 I lost mine moving house I think, but would still like to have a copy. How do I get a new one? Where do I have?
s.santoshi sowjanya,birth day-1990 April 07...

 what are my rights as a homeowner?
what are my rights as a homeowner. tonight myself and a few friends where out in the garage sitting around talking and when i went back to the house the neighbour confronted me saying we where making ...

 I am looking for a great apartment!!!?
What are some reputable apartments in Livermore, California? Preferably closest to downtown.
Additional Details
thanks for the info...but i know where to look....i just wanted an opinon ...

 Is anyone else getting the run around from Chase Home Finance in regards to the MHA program?
Last July, I contacted Chase Home Finance and asked if I could apply for the Obama plan to keep my home out of foreclosure. I had gone thru a nasty divorce 3 years earlier, laid off from my job and ...

 do i need any schooling before obtaining a real estate license?

 Looking to move to the Annapolis, MD and close areas...Where would a 25-34 year old live that is amazing?

JPMorgan to slash 14,000 jobs

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) is planning on cutting a total of 14,000 jobs this year.

The company said Thursday it will cut around 12,000 jobs as a part of its takeover of the failed Washington Mutual.

The other 2,000 layoffs will occur in the company’s investment banking sector.

According to Reuters, “JPMorgan announced the cuts in an all-day presentation to investors. The reductions are intended to help the New York-based lender weather the current economic turmoil, as its customers struggle with falling house prices, tight credit and increasing mortgage and credit card defaults.”

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