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So, I was bidding on some items, and they were all from the same seller, and then I tried to bid on one, and it said that I've bid too many times on this seller's items in the last 10 days. ...

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 starting my new job help?
hi, im now starting a new job at a chicken factory...NOT the best job in the world but theres not alot out there really

anyways, im just wanting a simple outline of what i will be doing ...

 Type of Business, LLC, Sole, Corporation?
I am about to register my business, I created a website/company.

currently it is just me, but I may need a team in the future to expand on a few concepts.

I am unsure if I ...

 It's not like they'd ask you for ID at the chemist when buying travel calm... would they?

Additional Details
go away spamm : (...

 Have you ever heard of me?
Avatar + profile ??...

 what jobs can my 10 year old sister 5th grade do?
i need money to buy my own ...

 Internet BBQ business?
I am thinking of starting up an online BBQ business..I know that one can order almost any kind of food from restaurants these days. Has anyone tried this? Have you bought cooked meats, etc from ...

Google to cut 200 jobs

Google Inc (GOOG.O) is to cut around 200 jobs in sales and marketing in order to cope with costs during the global financial crisis, which has resulted in a heavy advertising slowdown.

In a recent blog post, Omid Kordestani, Google’s senior vice president for global sales and business development, said the search giant had simply hired more people than it needed for the current level of business. So 200 jobs in sales and marketing will be cut, though some of the people will be able to apply for jobs that Google is still hiring for.

“So today we have informed Googlers that we plan to reduce the number of roles within our sales and marketing organizations by just under 200 globally. Making changes of this kind is never easy—and we recognize that the recession makes the timing even more difficult for the Googlers concerned. We did look at a number of different options but ultimately concluded that we had to restructure our organizations in order to improve our effectiveness and efficiency as a business. We will give each person time to try and find another position at Google, as well as outplacement support, and provide severance packages for those who leave the company. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone affected for all they have contributed to Google.”

Google employs some 20,200 workers, according to the Associated Press, meaning that the current layoffs represent less than 1 percent of the total.

Google’s move to cut jobs, raises questions about the viability and future of the online advertising industry. Will Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and others follow suit?

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