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 I voluntarily quit due to childcare situation - can i still be approved for unemployment ?
I recently filed for unemployment, after voluntarily quitting my job, due to emergency loss of childcare.
I read that I can possibly get approved if there is "good cause" and attempts ...

 Does Bluecross Blueshield of Georgia cover domestic partners?
My boyfriend and I own a house together and have a daughter together, I just want to know so if I get this job I know if my boyfriend is covered or not....

 Does Scar get damaged in emissions even if he is sheltered? (STALKER CS)?
In S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Clear Sky - I am told emissions damage Scars' nervous systems each emission, Does the emission still damage his nervous system even if he is sheltered?...

 Does anyone have experience with Nafa for Health Care Services & savings?
positive or negative feedback?
I would like some help with this
Needed insurance but this is not really insurance, is is helpful? Is it legitimate? Has it been beneficial to anyone, please,...

 Do i get health insurance?
my boyfriend is going into the air force. When he gets back were getting married. does he get health insurance automatically? do i get health insurance after we get married?...

 Do I have a good chance of appealing this Medicaid denial?
I have had severe chronic pain for the last seven years that has slowly degenerated. I am now at the point that I have to be very careful how much I do in a day or I'll find myself spending the ...

 Texas insurance companies offering insurance on rent-houses?
Where can I find a list of all the property insurance companies that offer insurance on rental property in texas?...

 Will I be able to write this off as a loss?
A violent storm severely damaged a few rent houses of mine, and I was wondering that, if I collect the insurance money to have them fixed and I fix them...can I write the costs to have them fixed as ...

 Is my rim covered under comprehensive insurance?
I have a bent rim which is damaging my tire...I have a 0 deductable on my comprehensive insurance and was wondering if that would cover my rim.
Additional Details
I think it happened ...

 When purchasing insurance, which of the following is not true?
When purchasing insurance, which of the following is not true?
1)You should take the highest deductable you can reasonably afford to pay in the event of a loss, that is a deductable that would ...

Auto sales plunge record 40% in February

In February, US auto sale dropped to the lowest rate since December 1981. The 41 per cent drop represents the huge economic uncertainty that is keeping American auto buyers away from new purchases.

The automaker General Motors led the sinking industry sales figures with a 53 per cent drop in sales. Toyota, the world’s largest automaker saw a drop of 40 per cent in February sales figures. Honda Motor Co., Japan’s second-largest carmaker, had a 38 percent drop and Nissan Motor Co.’s sales fell 37 percent.

“We are in an automotive depression amid ‘the Great Recession,’ ” Standard and Poor’s analyst Efraim Levy said in a sobering report Tuesday. “Shell-shocked consumers fearful for their jobs, the value of their homes and stock market assets are wary of making the sizable discretionary purchases of new vehicles.”

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