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 Is printing coupons illegal?
I seen a comercial of CouponSuzy.com, and I thought to myself "Isn't that illegal?". But if it's illegal why is it televised?
Additional Details
This is for you ...

 i need a slogan for our feeding program with kids?

 Salesman B2B Help!?!?!?!?
i bought about 2 products from the anime spin-off website, and every time i pay with my paypal, it will say the usual stuff like thank you and your order is being processed and that stuff. But 2 days ...

 do u have any good sites for weird ebay stuff?
i need links to sites that have bizzare stuff sold on ebay and perferably the price they were sold for too.
site must show pics of the ...

 Studying SEO, what are "frames" exactly?
I saw this on a website I'm on, saying "frames" aren't spider food, and it lists why. What exactly do they mean be a frame?

What is NOT spider food

2. F...

 we've been there commercial?
whats that commercial on like mtv or some channel like that that says a whole bunch of stuff, and then says weve been there like 400 times, and its for like a website where people talk about their ...

 Will anyone trade freebiejeebie referrals with me?
As title says above, need a lot of referrals would be grateful if anyone could complete one for me: http://apple.freebiejeeb

 what is the best job searching website in your opinion?

 =P Survey??? =) Q&A =D?
Lefty or Righty?
Vanilla or Chocolate?
Germany, Spain, or Netherlands for the World Cup?
Favorite song? (I'll listen to it.)
Favorite book?
Favorite show?
Favorite ...

 My advertising did not got any results!?
Im in marketing and advertising, what is a good comeback to say when told, that my advertising did not get them any results. I feel like they are just trying to cut me short and let me off the phone....

Auto sales plunge record 40% in February

In February, US auto sale dropped to the lowest rate since December 1981. The 41 per cent drop represents the huge economic uncertainty that is keeping American auto buyers away from new purchases.

The automaker General Motors led the sinking industry sales figures with a 53 per cent drop in sales. Toyota, the world’s largest automaker saw a drop of 40 per cent in February sales figures. Honda Motor Co., Japan’s second-largest carmaker, had a 38 percent drop and Nissan Motor Co.’s sales fell 37 percent.

“We are in an automotive depression amid ‘the Great Recession,’ ” Standard and Poor’s analyst Efraim Levy said in a sobering report Tuesday. “Shell-shocked consumers fearful for their jobs, the value of their homes and stock market assets are wary of making the sizable discretionary purchases of new vehicles.”

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