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 i will like to make a payment to mysalute card?

 Angel Stevens Rebate Processor - Is it a fraud?

 i have a very bad credit history, but i need cash, where do i go?
i want to start up a handy man business, but i have bad credit, yet i need money to get started, where can i get credit.....HELP...

 For those who work in the collections industry: how has the recession affected you?
I used to work for a collections law firm and I made really good money. Most of my pay came from bonus checks which were a percentage of what I collected each month.

My current job is ...

 If one's parent dies with debt, does his son/daughter inherit that?
And also, does anyone know what happens if that parent has more than one child? Does the debt get split up? Does the credit of the children get worse?...

 If a sales rep. came to your door and tried to sell you some 'credit default swap', what should you do?

 Is there a fee for using credit card in paypal? ?
I bought something on ebay and it requires me to pay it with paypal, and I chose to use credit card to pay for the payment in paypal. Is there a fee charged for using credit card in paypal?...

 do they check your credit report when you apply casino job?
if my score is low, will they still hire me?...

 Why do I need to pay for Fraud Protection Service?
Isn't that part of their job? Why did I have to sign signature cards, provide SSN, and several forms of identification when I opened the card account?...

 i nned to find an easy approval bad credit unsecured credit card that's not prepaid. I?
I really need to rebuild my credit but I don't have these fees that they're all asking for up frony. they want large amounts of money with the prepaid and secured credit ...

AIG to receive $30 Billion more

The federal government allegedly agreed Sunday night to provide an additional $30 billion in taxpayer money to the American International Group (AIG) as well as to loosen the terms of its huge loan to the insurer.

The fourth bailout for A.I.G.

This would be the fourth time that the government steps in to help the insurance giant avoid bankruptcy. Taxpayers now own 80 per cent of the A.I.G. holding company from the three earlier interventions.

1. $60 billion loan

2. $40 billion purchase of preferred shares

3. $50 billion to clear toxic assets

The final verdict on the latest aid for the insurer will be announced Monday morning. Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s both have AIG on review for downgrade from the seventh highest investment grade, and have said that only government support was keeping ratings from being cut to “junk” status.

A.I.G. shares have lost 99.04% of their value over the past 12 months and are currently trading around $0.42.

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