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 why haven't i gotten my tax return yet?
I know it takes a while to get your return check, but every year I've filed for taxes its been only 2 months at the latest.... I filed on April 15th like we are supposed to now its August its ...

 How does the First time home buyer $10k California tax credit work?
I just closed on a home here in California and was wondering how this $10k tax credit works..in plain english. I have a full time job but pay under $3,333.00 a year to the state of CA in income tax. ...

 21// Semi-"Secret" Marriage & Filing Taxes?
First off, I'm 21 yrs old. For reasons, I live with and work for my family's businesses. My fiance's in the Marines (whom I've dated since we were 15yrs old) and we wish to be ...

 how can i tell what i earned last year?
i havent worked since january and need to know how muched i earned last year for tax credit help
Additional Details
i can't find old pay ...

 Will i receive back pay for my unemployement which stopped June 5th?
I called Unemployment and they told me that i will start receiving my unemployment back, which stopped June 5th, i was wondering will i get all that money back? if so will it be on 1 check or broke ...

 my unemployment benefits are not coming?
OK i have been waiting 5 weeks for unemployment and nothing yet. they send me letters stating they are investigating my claim.

i called the office and can't get anyone only the ...

 employer did not pay my tax?
My p60 showed i earned only 6k for the tax year just gone, i did earn 20k + for the year which was paid monthly into my account. I did not receive pay slips for over a year. Had worked with the ...

 Why is it that businesses and some homeowners have to pay a rain tax!!?
No one can help that it rains so why is it that the government would use this to make money off of it? How does it help and what is that money being used for?...

 youth allowance (Australia)?
(This only applies for Australians) i have a friend who is pretty well off money wise (from his parents), he doesn't have a job, lives at home and i was wondering if this person would receive ...

 What happens after your credits for unemployment run out?
i have 676 dollars left in my unemployment but my benefit year ends april of 2011. can i get extended money, i am already under extended benefits now. i live in ...

 Different forms to be filed for an financial year?
Can someone tell me different forms that an employee needs to submit during an financial year? for eg. SARAL,Form 16/16a, tax returns filing, etc...what else? With last dates for each of the form?...

 how much tax wil i pay if i buy a car that is $2300 at a 9.9 rate?

 How high are the taxes in Mt Washington New Hampshire?
and I mean Home property tax, if you OWN a home there. For example a small two story house. Like, two bedrooms downstairs and 1 upstairs. I know that sounds stupid and vague. I'm sorry for my ...

 Will i make a good accountant?
I like doing math. Its a subject i dont mind doing and comes easy for me. I am not super quick at solving problems, but i am an average math student that gets mostly A's, (rare B's). I like ...

 can i get to know whether a company has its vat no.correct?

 Can I work as an independent contractor and still collect unemployment benefits in Illinois?
Can I collect unemployment benefits in Illinois while working as an independent contractor at the same time?
Additional Details
Can I work as an independent contractor and still collect ...

 What kind of taxes will i pay to transfer a deed in PA?
My step father signed for a loan so that we could purchase a house about 2 years ago. The house came with a almost 3 acres and the price of land is up in the area so we are in the process of selling ...

 UK national Debt Vs. US National Debt?
The UK Public national debt is 80.8% of the GDP. Compared to the US 59.5% GDP. Does that mean the UK economy is worse than US? Internal Debt UK 421% US 93%....

 How much in taxes will I owe for savings bonds?
I have about $4, 272 in savings bonds that I am going to cash in. I was just wondering, from this total, how much will I have to pay back in taxes from the amount?...

 my patner is on state pension and im on incapacity and income suppor?
my partner is 67 and im 49. he claims statepension and i income support and £20 week incapacity benefit.we oth live in neighbouring council accomodation. if we moved in together how would it affect ...

Will I owe on taxes if I claim 2 allowances on my w4?
filing single, (no kids) and will be only like $20,000 for the year. If I put 2 instead of 1 on my w4, do you think I will owe when I do my taxes, or will I come close to breaking even or getting a small amount back? Breaking even would be the ideal situation, Im not big on giving the government interest free loans for a year lol...so to speak. Im not one of those people who think getting a huge refund is a good thing, but I also dont really want to have to cut a check to them either. What do you think?


the kid
Might work, might not, hard to say. You'd likely be pretty close to break even though.

no, you are safe claiming 2, you probably could claim 3 and have the least amount withheld and be more or less even when it comes time to file

Caveat Emptor
You should be OK assuming that (1) you cannot be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer, and (2) that is your only source of income.

Go the the IRS.GOV site and run through their free withholding calculator for openers. I ran 20K on a filing single 2009 return and your federal tax owed would be $ 1,184. If you look at your pay stub and check the YTD figure for federal tax withholding divide it by seven and multiply by twelve to see what the total amount of withhold will be for the year and see if you are over or under the $ 1,184?

Bostonian In MO
You should be within $100 either way of even money. You might get a small refund or have a small debt to pay.

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