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 Why is Ebay doing this?
I bid on an item and then immediately afterward it said I was outbid. There is only one other bidder and he bid one time three days ago. So I bid again, but it said I was outbid AGAIN! That doesn'...

 accounting question re: expense what would be considered an expense?
Which of these is NOT an expense?

cost of goods sold
wages paid to employees for services consumed
merchandise inventory purchased
taxes ...

 How much does 7-eleven charge franchisees for store rent?

 Ebays New Refunding Policy is my last straw - igotvinyl.com?
I had a buyer from South America.. A vinyl record did not arrive and they filed a claim sating the record did not arrive. Not a problem. I have not lost one yet, but I thought "Paypal Protection&...

 Does Zales charge extra for lay a way?
I want to put a watch on lay a way
i was wondering if they charge extra for lay a way?...

 Where can I purchase white ladles for my business needs?
Hi guys.
I'm going to enlarge my business in Washington and I should to get a pack of good quality ladles for this. So I need a nice website where to purchase them....

 Can you order Apple products from the USA online store from the UK?
I want to order an Apple iPad, but figured it out it is roughly £100 cheaper in the USA store than it is in the UK. Could I order an iPad from the USA online store and have it posted to an address ...

 What is the best business to start when you're in college?
I have alot of ideas but I want to know more because I aspire to be young millionaire in the coming future....

 Could I turn a studio into a kitchen for business?
If I bought a studio could I then turn it into a kitchen to use for business, providing it met the requirements to get a license?...

 How to find the best wholesalers for a just starting business?
I have been reading on how to make money online. I have read good ideas about it, but It also tells that I need to find good wholesalers in order for me to sell at competitive prices. Can ...

 What jobs finishes at 8 or 9 am? not pm?

Additional Details
on a ...

 What are some innovative ways to make a little extra money if you're ill a lot of the time?
Say that you are ill, but you have brief good periods where you can do most things a normal person can do - except drive. You can't have a regular nine to five job, but there must be ways you ...

 Does this form of shipping make sense?
I am selling some stuff on eBay, and I want to make sure this method of combining shipping makes sense. It is late, and this seems to hinder my ability to make sense of things on my own.


 I have a great business opportunity but I do not want to say it online.?
Where can I go to find out if this is legal....

 where can i find these sneakers ; which store or what website can i order them from?

 Who can tell me that this idea could working?
I am in Singapore, has 27 years of hands-on experience in Field Service Engineering & installation, commissioning , trouble shooting for the Industrial Automation System, testing & ...

 which wholesale site (cheaper but quality) sells many winter products already?
any ...

 I have sold an item on ebay,buyer wants to pay cash?
I sold an item on Ebay and stated that the item is faulty or not working as it should. A person won the deal which was a Bang & Olufson reel to reel (very collectable). He has contacted me after N...

 Do people really sell $60 video games on Ebay for 10 cents plus 4 dollars shipping?
I bid on a brand new Red Dead Redemption for the PS3 on Ebay for only ten cents. I saw a lot of them and they all seem too good to be true, I thought maybe they'd get me with the shipping but it ...

 What are some easy AND effective fundraisers?
So I'm the president of my drama program and we have about $27 in our budget. We plan on asking local companies to make tax donations and raising the price of dues but what are easy and ...

88 Fan
What can I sell besides Avon or Mary Kay?
I'm selling Avon right now, but not doing so well cause it's so competitive with so many other reps nearby. I want to sell something that has a variety of things to sell, not just 1 thing. I'd like to sell candles, food, gifts, but want them to all be in one catalog. Any ideas let me know, thanks


I'm not sure what you make with Avon but I work for Mary Kay and let me tell you, it is amazing! You work how you want and when you want! You pay $100 for the starter kit and then you have all you need! If it doesn't work for you.. you return it for 90% of what you paid.. its a $10 loss IF it doesn't work! Its proven though, it truly is!

You make 50% commission. 50%!! You go and sell a few products and you walk away with money. I worked for 35 minutes this morning and made $84! You just can beat that!

Email me at kendahlricca@gmail.com and we can talk more!

Hi 88 fan, I am a demonstrator for Gold Canyon, The World's Finest Fragrance Company! At the end of this month I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary with the company and I have loved every minute of it. I am able to support my family, but still spend time with them because I can make my own hours! At the end of night I take my earnings home, I do not have to wait for a paycheck in the mail. If you would like to hear more about Gold Canyon and the opportunities we offer send me an email, I'd love to tell you all about it!

Virtual Analog
wanna sell, chocolate biscuits, and puppies and original compositions and ultra modern gadgets and bottled water marketed like its gold drops, and pizza in a photo frame and a working light bulb with water in it and everlasting gobstoppers and wonka snozberrys and happy experiences, a dive with sharks or changable car skins....how about it huh ? send me some if u do....

Chances are that a company that makes that many different types of products will not make all of them well - that's why companies specialize and become very good at making a limited number of types of products. You can always be a rep for several different companies. Pick the main one based on what you think will be the most profitable and then add others to create you own online shopping mall with your own website. It doesn't hurt to have several catalogs from several companies. Some of your customers may only be interested in candles and others will be interested only in food. Sometimes they will be interested in all of your products.

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