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 If you live in Cornwall, is it true that if you die without making a will, the Duke of Cornwall gets all?

 Best bank account for 15 year old?
Hi, im 15 and Im looking for a bank account. I get about £60 a month from my paper round. Im looking for an account that will allow me to do online banking, let me shop with the card and buy stuff ...

 Earn from home without investment and not using any scam. Please Guide?

 If your parents die and they have debt, does it get passed on to their children?
..and is there anyway of stopping this from happening?...

 i have $1,500.00 just free cash .whats a safe way do to flip it?

Additional Details
okay im 20 yrs old will be 21 soon.i work as a valet driver and i make pretty good cash.i notice i spent $5,000.00 in 1 month and have nothing to show for it lol.this ...

 How do i close my halifax and hsbc accounts?
I have 3 bank accounts, Abbey (wich im keeping), Halifax (wihc i want rid) and Hsbc (wich i also want rid), if i go into a branch and say i want to close my account, what will they say?, Will there ...

 How much should a single person's income be to support themselves?
A single person, not married, no kids, who will live on their own in a one bedroom apartment, not living extravagantly but living pretty average...on average what is a decent income for one single ...

 does bankruptcy cover medical bills and bills already in collection?

 Where can a 13 year old get a checking account?
I am thirteen and want a checking account so that I can buy and sell stuff on Ebay. What banks will let me open up a checking account? And what do i need to do to get one?
Additional Details...

 what are some ways i can make more money?

 Savings Bonds. What to Buy?
I got them whenever I was born, and I'm trying to figure out what to buy with them, because I want to buy something special.

Two things I want are diamond earrings and a miniature ...

 How long does it take to transfer money to another account?
How long does it take to money to be shown on my natwest account when someone is transferring money from barcalys account.
Also how long does it take to transfer money to natwest account from ...

 Is there a way to not use a bank?
About 1/3rd of my wages were going to "fees" and "charges" along with taxes and other crap. Is there a way to not use a bank at all? I would rather spend $20,000 on a safe than ...

 how do you know if some body is scamming you?
i have been told im the next benefactor to alot of money i want to know if there is such a place as alpha trust group in amsterdam and gregory and associates in london please help????thank you....

 I gave someone my debit card to use but they took advantage. Am I responsible for the overdraft charges?
My brother's friend whom I haven't met personally asked to use my debit card so that she could deposit a check and withdraw it in cash and return my card. Am I responsible for the overdraft ...

 what if i borrow $100,000 from a bank and decided i don't want to pay it anymore?
i'm 24 years old and i can make the payments, but barely. so what if i quit my job and say i can't pay this debt. what will happen then???...

 why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know they know there is not enough?

 Recently gone self employed and being messed around with money already. How can i get the cash?
My partner has just gone self employed and he's gone away to work on a new resturant opening in London. He's a joiner, most of the people on site are in the same situation. They are not ...

 whats a quick way for me to earn money??
im 12 and my friends and i want to go shopping before school starts, and i have no money so whats a esy way to earn money? if.....

;i live in the middle of no where so i cant babysit

 Is it worth paying a fee to find out if a check I was given has funds?
I was given 2 checks by a man. The bank it is from is located on the East coast and I'm in the West coast so would have to deposit it into my saving or checking account at my bank. I called ...

Should I keep my checking and savings account or get a rush card rush card?
my check and savings are 12.00 dollars monthly to maintain monthly and i have'nt been using it i'm not even sure i still want them. i and i alo wanted to know if having a those accounts are even worth it or if i should just stuff money in my mattese.


You're paying $12.00 a month to maintain your accounts?! Oh no! I have two checking accounts and one savings account, and neither has monthly fees. I have checking accounts with SunTrust and Bank of America. My savings account is with ING, an ING orange direct account to be precise. The Rush Card is not the answer to your problems, rather you need to search for banks that are more friendly to your budget. Preferably banking institutions that offer free checking accounts or nearly free checking accounts.

My SunTrust and BOA accounts are completely identical in the services and perks they provide. There are no minimum balance requirements, no charges for withdrawals when you use their designated bank ATM machines, no monthly maintenance fee. The only thing I would ever have to pay for is checks, but since I use Billpay, which is a free service that SunTrust and BOA both provide, my checks are lasting about 3 and half years.

I don't know if there's a SunTrust or Bank of America in your area. You can have more than one checking account, but you need to have at least one account with a bank where you can easily access one of their branches. If you live nearby one of these banks, I would check them out and see if they meet your banking needs.

The specific SunTrust bank account I have is "Free Checking." If you go to SunTrust's website, they have 6 types of checking accounts which list the services each one provides, balance requirements, and fees if they are any associated with the account. Again, the SunTrust bank account I have doesn't require you to maintain a certain balance, and you wont' be charged a monthly maintenance fee.

The Bank of America account I have is called MyAccess Checking. Normally you would have to either set up direct deposit in order for it to be free. If you didn't want to commit to at least one direct deposit a month, your account would incur a $5.00 monthly maintenance fee. I was able to get around the direct deposit requirement and the $5.00 maintenance fee because I had a promotion code. The promotion code not only allowed me to bypass that $5.00 maintenance fee since I didn't want to set up direct deposit with this account, I also received $75.00 from Bank of America for opening my account online. I received this promotion code because I have a BOA Visa. But as I understand, if you were to google for Bank of America MyAccess codes, you should come up with several websites that have valid codes you can use when you apply for the bank account online.

After so many years of paying no fees for my banking transactions, except for checks, I'm way too spoiled to bank with an institution that charges ridiculous high fees. Go to fatwallet.com and check out the finance forum for high yield interest savings accounts. There are quite a few that pay decent interest and doesn't charge the consumer monthly maintenance fees. Good luck.

Dexter R
i can tell you now the rush care has fees also i know if its anything like walmart debt card. you have to pay everytime you put money on it.

Keep your checking account at least if you don't save or don't really use your savings close it! Even if you get a rush card they have all kins of fees associated with it ---- I'm not sure about the rush card but when I had a prepaid card I paid for the card $9.95, activation fee 4.95, reloading fee (which is normally charged everytime you wanna put money on it) 5.95 --- just a lot of fees.....keep the account although $12 is a little steep I think it's better in the end ---- if you simply don't want them just close them but to replace the account with a card isn't worth it!

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