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Thank you
Additional Details
Please help by being a little more specific, like actually NAME a plan.


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 Question about work if I have SSI?
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 What do you recommend for a family of 4 who is looking for reasonable health insurance?
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What ...

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 How can I get Health insurance if I do not make enough to afford it (read details)?
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for adult films and how much will it ...

 I have a question about paying your health insurance late.?
today is the 7th of may (my payment was due the 1st) i have a doctors appointment on the 10th but i wont be able to pay my premium tell a week and a half after my doctors apt. I know ill be making my ...

 how much would my usaa insurance be?
I was pulled over for 3 violations (no license, insurance, and running a red light) and next year it will be 3 years. The court said they gave me 1 point on my license (I paid off my ticket because I ...

does the FDIC insure our $250,000 if the bank is closed by person or by account?
In other words, lets pretend I'm a millionaire, and i think the FDIC ensures $250,000 per account, I will make an account in about 10 banks.

or does the FDIC only ensure the money per person, no matter how many bank account you have?

I'm just curious :)


Ryan F
I'm pretty sure that it deals with per person, per account. Hypothetically you could put all of your money into a million different banks but it will only cover $250,000. If the bank crashes and you lose all of the money at that bank, the maximum amount of money you are entitled to is $250,000.

It's per bank.

If you deposit $100,000 in each of ten different banks, it is all insured. However, if you deposit it in ten different accounts at the same bank, most of it is not insured. They only insure a certain amount per person at each bank, no matter how many accounts you have at that bank, but they do insure more if it is at another bank.

Insurance Pickle.com
Per account registration per bank. But, if you were a millionaire you wouldn't have it in a bank.

Caveat Emptor
Per depositor per bank. The number of accounts is irrelevant.

It is kind of a mixture of both. You can have a single account, $250,000 will be covered. You could have a joint account, $250,000 of that account would also be covered. Every joint account you have in addition, with different joint owners an additional $250,000 will be covered. As long as the account ownership is different per account up to $250,000 is covered for each account. This is per bank. So you can have several accounts with different joint owners at different banks and you will be able to cover all of your funds.

It is per depositor...so if you have 3 accounts in a particular bank that is closed you only receive a max of $250,000

"The SMDIA is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, through December 31, 2013. On January 1, 2014, the SMDIA is scheduled to return to $100,000 per depositor, per insured bank"

so if you have more than $250,000 make sure you spread it out to different banks

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