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 BMG modeling agency charged me $85?
I am a model for their agency and just saw on my online banking I was charged $85.00 twice today. It's too laate to call them and Im freaking out! Is this probably just a mistake? Agencies dont ...

 any prepaid debit card without ssn?
Hello i've been wanting to buy an accesory for my 360 off ebay but i dont have a credit or debit card. is there a way to get a prepaid one without giving out my ssn? i dont really want to use it ...

 so i want to get my first credit card and i need a bit of help?
so i kind of want to get a credit card with american express and i was wondering if these terms are good for someone whos never had a credit card.
ive already read through them and i think they ...

 How can I find the balance on a credit card account for August 2002?
I need to find balances for three card from 2002 for some legal stuff I am doing. I don't have the cards anymore and I don't know the acct. #'s. The accounts were Lowes, Sears, and C...

 Sent a payment as a gift dint receive what was supposed to get bank charge back?
so I bough an item to a person on craiglist it was a habbo code for an online game for my son, the person didn't give the code I sent the payment as a gift but I din't have anything on my ...

 Can I get a private student loans if I apply for a low amount?
I might need some money for expenses. Last month I applied for a few private loans in the amounts of ~$20'000.00, but all of them denied me due to my cosigner with bad credit. What if I apply ...

 Relative stopped paying on one of their credit cards, will the other ones be cancelled?
My in-laws owed about $9000 on their Chase Visa Card. They decided that they no longer have the ability to pay the minimum payment on the card so about 4 months ago they just stopped paying. They ...

 what happens if you order something online but you have no money in your adapt account?
im with natwest....

 If I have 2405 points in my old navy visa rewards account does that mean I will recieve 2 rewards cards?
it says You get a rewards card ever 1000 ...

 does anyone know about the jsa hardship grant or loan?
im currently working 3 night shifts and doing a part time course in the day.
Im worried about losing my job as its getting harder and harder to get there every week.

I know you cant ...

 Does my Credit Union legally have to inform me when my Ballon Loan is due?
My Mortgage Loan expired & my Credit union didn't inform me it was due.
Instead they reported me to the Credit Bureau. Can they leagally due that even though I'm still making my ...

 Does anyone know of a loan company like Cash Call that operates in Michigan?
I know the interest rate is outrageous but I need to prevent a court determination that would cause more damage. I am looking for a second job, trying to sell thinks on Craigslist and there is no ...

 Besides your credit report, is there any other way an apartment complex can see an eviction?
Last year, due to employment problems with MGM CityCenter, I was unable to keep my apartment in Las Vegas and was forced to move back home to California. I was unable to pay the rent come month 7. I&#...

 Information about collection agencies can anyone help?
I live in Queensland Australia, about 9 months ago i got a collection notice for an amount of $1200, since i got this notice i have been paying the amount off, i am still unemployed and have only $189...

 How to raise my credit score?
Ive been in debt on my 2 credit cards for over a year now. I was at a 699 score now down to 543. I am going to pay them both off soon now that I have a job and was wondering whats the quickest way to ...

 How bad can my credit become if I have a couple debt with a collection agency?
I have a couple of debt items that were sent to the collection agency. One was for $547 and the other was for $900. I will pay both of them off soon but I want to know if this has affected my credit ...

 What country does a bank note GNNET GAHKA POCCNN come from?

 From How Old Do You Get Creditcard?
I am middle schooler and I want to ...

 Best credit card (Discover, American Express)?
Now, I am not looking for a smart a$$ answer...I just want to know a credit card with the lowest interest and no annual fee. And no, not a visa card....

 I'm 18 and I want a credit card?
I just turned 18 and i want a credit card to not just spend or anything. But i have some questions if i order one and don't use it do I have to pay anything? and my credit is good cause i just ...

What does it mean when a debt collector sends you a "Final Notice of Obligation"?
I was 17, enrolled in college, me and my mother had a falling out she refused to pay for books or tuition (we are best friends now (I'm 21 now)). I never "dropped" the classes and now have a $1,258.06 bill for that semester. They have been sending me notices for years (Debt Collector not school) and even took a portion of my state tax return this year (they found me dang it!). They sent me a "Final Notice of Obligation" stating it is their intention to suspend the account in 30 days. Does this mean my debt is cleared and I am good to go or does it mean something completely opposite? I have been trying to get a hold of them myself but have yet to get through.


Try to get out of it.
No one under 18 can sign a contract.
You were a minor - therefore you could not be held responsible for this debt.
They will have to come after your mother.

Write a letter - you never know. You might be removed.
At least this way it will go on her credit report.
You are the one that needs the good credit.
Employers check, so do landlords and car insurance companies.
You need your credit reports to stay clean.

Check them once a year for free at
Annual Credit Report.com
Never fall for TV ads with songs that charge for this.

the kid
I would say if they got a judgment against you and took part of your return, then they are giving you a final notice to set up a payment plan of some kind before they start garnishing wages, etc.

if you had a federal loan, it could mean that they will start the process to start garnishing your wages. the IRS will contact your employer (who legally has to comply) and they can take up to 25% of your monthly earnings. just contact the collection agency and set up a payment plan.

i'm 15,000 bucks in debt for loans (and never even graduated) and have had the student loan people after me for years also.

edit - the person above me may be correct about the 15%. the law may have changed since i checked last.

Nope...it means that it's your final chance to pay on your own. FYI: Student loan debt collectors have direct power to garnish your wages @ 15% and they can do without going to court.

If you try to dispute this debt as invalid because you were a minor, then you'd just be dumping this problem on your mom.

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