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 how can I improve my credit score considering my situation?

I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice as to what I can do to help bump my credit score to the highest possible score that I can currently have.

I am in ...

 Any direct payday loan companies *without credit check* - UK?
I've had a few so far from:


Can anybody give me some names of direct payday compaines (NOT payday search engines, they have been driving me ...

 I need to clean up my credit?
I really need to clean up my credit. What are the steps to take to do this? Please no solicitation and thank you in advance for your wisdom....

 Is it possible to put down a fake address when buying something online with a debit card?
I mean they won't mail any bill to me because I already paid for the item so why would it matter. I just hate giving out my address on the internet....

 how do i get a credit card?!?
i thought that credit card companies gave out credit cards to college students like candy! i cannot get approved for one to save my life and its driving me crazy! if anyones a college student and you ...

 Can I transfer a Visa Gift Card back to my Bank?
I want to put the money I have on a Visa Gift Card to my bank account or at least my paypal account? Is this in any way possible?...

 how do i gain credit?
i need to establish credit how do i start?...

 visa gift card, if it declines do i still pay?
i bought things with my visa gift card and items i bought didnt show up on my transaction history so i assumed it was declined so i spent the remainder of my card. my card now only has $27 in it. my ...

 I have a 650 credit score and a charge off of a vehicle would like to know if I can get a home and car loan?
The charge off occured in 2006, The only other things on my credit are a credit card which is under the limit and school loans which are in good standing....

 How can I pay off my Credit Card debt?
I have approximately $35,000 in Credit Card debt. I am able to make only my minimum monthly payments but am not making any progress in lowering my balances. I do not own a home so I cannot apply ...

 What happenes if you get written off a from debt collector?
Someone told me it then is turned named as income for I had and that I would have to pay taxes on it. Since I can't work what up with that? I hope that is not true.
Additional Details<...

 How can a student build their credit?
I just found out I can't go to college because of my mother's credit score.
I am now in shock but I want to know if I can do anything to build credit for myself?

 reputable website 4 yearly free credit report?
what website can i trust to get my once a year free credit report?...

 does yahoo hold money for payments on items through the military that someone has bought online?
on craigslist.com someone is continuing to suposedly sell items cheap because he is leaving for the military, ect. He is claiming yahoo will take the money, then hold it for a couple days till after ...

 when using a debit card online, do you have to have a visa or mastercard logo on the card to buy things?

 I have a prepaid visa card but i used it on a website before 24 hours do you think maybe it will still work?
i was using it on wizards 101 on the card said failed so idk what to ...

 I'm have problem finding a rentor that will rent to me after a foreclosure. What do I do?
My credit score is 650 with the foreclosure. I need some where to live. I can't continue living in a hotel....

 I am an authorized user on my mom's CC?
When I was a Teenager my mom put me as an authorized user on her credit card.
it shows up on my credit report. she does keep this card in pretty good standing- (Though it does have a balance ...

 what is NADA "loan value"?
The bank said they can only finance up to the NADA "loan value" for a van. Before they would do trade in value plus 10%, but she made it sound like "loan value" was less than this....

 Does a merchant have a limited period of time to process the purchase with the credit card company?
If I order something by phone or on-line and I receive the item but the purchase never appears on my credit card, how long is the merchant allowed to delay processing my payment? After a certain ...

What country does a bank note GNNET GAHKA POCCNN come from?



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