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 A question bout my debt problem that I'm going through?
No excuses bout how or why I'm in debt but need some help/advice from someone who's been there too. Signed on with debt consolidation agency http://www.genesiscapita and has ...

 my credit score is 780, I cant seem to get above the 800 level?
My credit score is 780 . I opened a new account , lowered my limits, do not have too much credit card debt. How can I get my FICO score up above 800 ?...

 Can you use a pre-paid credit care exactly the same way you use a credit card?
Or is there limitations on it's use?
I don't want to send my credit card details over the net, so is this a viable option?...

 Has anyone done credit counseling or debt reduction?
I need information on what a good credit counseling or debt reduction company is, and if anyone has personal experience or recommendations....

 where should i put my money now that they approved the bail-out?

 Which is a better way to raise your credit score...?
I have enough money to pay off what I put on my credit card just a few days ago, but will I get a higher score if I pay it off slowly over a few months? Which way will give a higher score? Paying it ...

 Is a credit of 630 a good credit score???
I have a credit score between 620 and 630 is that a good score? what can i do to make it better?...

 Has anyone used Brad Daley's Court Mediation Services, where they assume your debt and it's no longer yours?
I have some credit card debt and am considering CMS with Brad Daley. The website is:

I have only spoken to a representative once briefly ...

 How to gain credit score?
Hi, I'm an international students in N.Y.
I wondering if how I can gain credit score.
I don't even have a SSN.
I need your help! Thank you in advance....

 My bad credit accounts are all over 7 years old & are still on my credit - how can I get them off without?
how can I get these off my credit without starting the Statue of Limitiations starting all over again once I contact the companies. By the way - these companies have all sold them and beefed up the ...

 What are your thoughts on Bankfreedom.com? Is it for real or just another scam?
I was looking around and I saw it. When I saw that there weren't a lot of fees I thought it was a scam. They just look to flexible to be real. Can someone help me out please!...

 Formula to work out settlement figure on a personal loan?
Loan of £5000 was taken out in June 2005 and for a total of 48 months at an interest rate of 5.2% I would like to know how much interest would be deducted and approx settlement figure.

 Car Repossion?
If a loan company reposses a car what am I liable for? Is it better to just let them repo it then to stay three months behind on payments ? I am in a situation where I co-signed for someone a loan ...

 What is the best place to go to refinance your car loan to a lower payment?

 Crisis Loan...Anyone Know? Any Advice Would Be Great :)?
I was recently made homeless and the housing options centre put my partner and I into a B&B. We can not stay here forever and we have found a private landlord who has a 1 bedroom flat but he ...

 Ive just started a new temp job with an agency,am I elligible for a bad credit loan.?
Im working a minimum of 16 hours a week. Im looking for companies that do not charge upfront fees and deal with bad credit....

 I'm off to the bank to put £130 on my credit card?
but if you were me, would you stick a banana in your pocket, pack an old pair of tights in a hold all (essential) and scribble a note saying 'Gimme all the money or I shoot!' to hold up the ...

 HSBC opened a Master Card belonging to me and deposited money to my account? I have been "frauded".
There suddenly appeared an open Master Card on my credit. There was $1500.00 already accrued with a $2000.00 limit. What is going on. When I found out two months later I already had fees which ...

 If I finally change my last name to my husbands how will my bad credit score affect him?
We keep everything seperate. All accounts. Anything big like house and cars are all in his name. I have never put my name on anything.

I just don't want my credit report hurting him. I...

 I took a $20k loan out for a friend who promised to repay me (2yrs) he won't admit to the loan.Please Help
I presented him with a promissory note a few days ago, he refused to sign..I am now stuck with a $400.00 a month payment to my credit card. He had bad credit ..that is why I did this for him..I ...

Is there a bank which is all over the US? in every state?


Bank of America

maybe Citibank but i'm not sure about that one. Bank of America definitely though.

Bank Associated with TWN

john d
wells fargo

My guess would be Bank of America. I have traveled to many different states across the USA, and have seen them everywhere. I think they are the largest bank corporation. It's who I bank with since I travel a lot.

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Bank of America?

A bank you can access any time ?

Online banks are a good solution : ING Direct and HSBC direct

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