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 How much would my interest rate of 6.5% (currently) drop if the fed was to cut their rates?
How much would my interest rate on my pre-approval mortgage of 6.5% drop if the fed drops their rates by 1/4%, 1/2% or 3/4%?...

 how do buyer prestige take money from your account without your permission?

 how often can one ask to have their APR lowered on their credit cards?

 What should I expect at a Meeting of Creditors when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
I have filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. My Meeting of Creditors is right around the corner. What should I expect to take place at the meeting? Ordinary or out of the ordinary?...

 Avoiding credit card interest by paying off card every month?
I have a credit card that I simply use to collect airline miles. I'd like to keep the interest to a minimum or avoiding it altogether. They say that by paying off the card every month you can ...

 How can I gain 20-30 points on my credit report within the next 3 months?
I have my eye on this home and I'm trying to knock some points off the interest rate of a new home mortgage rate. So, what's the best way to gain 20-30 points on my credit report by say, D...

 Anyone a victim of the prime lending mess?
I work in collections, and I found $55,000 from 5th 3rd bank and no empl and no home phone, and experian (which is another credit bureau agency), did not even have bureau on file? How is this ...

 I have horrible credit. How can I repair bad credit?
I have horrible credit. I have credit cards that are not even delinquent anymore, but written off. I don't even want to know what my credit score is. My credit is so bad, that I can not get a ...

 whats your opinion on benefit fraud?
how do you feel about people that scam the System for thousands of your hard working tax money
or do you think good luck to them?...

 Can you use a prepaid debit card on Paypal? Can you also add funds to it on Paypal? Can you use it to verify?
I'm thirteen and I really need to know if it's possible....

 who governs the credit bureaus???
all three (3) credit bureas have a different rating of your credit report... how to make all of them so the same or similar credit score????...

 how do i re establish bad credit?
i have previous closed accounts, charged off, taken to collections, delinquent, and finally paid. there are about 5 credits all the same, will not be taken off until 5 years. they were minimum ...

 how many points does your credit score increase with each paid off debt?

 Is there a bank which is all over the US? in every state?

 How to dispute credit?
I had credit pulled by a mortgage company and noticed errors. I want to dispute but I don;t want a credit report from the companies (I mean, I already have one, why the overkill) do I HAVE to have ...

 Is PayPal safe, and how do I use it?
I want to bid for somthing on eBay, but all I have is a debit card. The seller only takes PayPal. I have a vague idea of what PayPal is, can somebody tell me how it works?
Additional Details...

 How can I build up credit.?
I try to apply for cards from stores ( kohls, target..etc..) but never get approved. I just recently purchased a used '95 van and got a loan i am always on time and always pay more than i should ...

 How important is it to have a very good FICO score?

 how do you start to repair bad credit?

 Is it hard to use a cash register?
I will be working in a retail store in like 2 days. I wanted to know if it is hard to work the register? it looks like it might be difficult because its set up to a computer...also will it be hard ...

I would like to view my pay stub from Kohl's, how do I do it?
I have tried all options given to me by my koh'ls employer but I cant access my pay how do I do it


Your pay stub was attached to your paycheck on payday .
Or attached to the notice if you have auto payroll deposit .

What did you do with it ?

Find it , hold it , read it .

good luck


Doesn't the pay stub come with the paycheck?

for the other answerers and future ones, kohls no longer hands out physical pay stubs. everything's on the web.

two ways to access:

1. go to kohls.com
2. scroll to the bottom, look under websites, and click "associate services"


1. Navigate to https://onlinewagestatements.com/kohls/

if this is your first time logging in, follow the instructions for logging in, using your employee # and social security #

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