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 I need a auto loan from a credit union but don't have an account!?
I am told that getting an auto loan from a credit union is the best way to go and some even offer you 100% auto financing but how would that work would I have to become a member, do I need perfect ...

 debt problem?
I have got about 1o k in debt/ credit card, store card overdrafts/ Anyone have idea how to resolve my ...

 what happens if I'm approved for a credit card, abuse it, and never pay?
What are the legal consequences of this? the credit limit is $1,500.00....

 I've paid off all my debt and my credit cards are closed, what should I do now?
I do still have a car loan, but now I will have an extra $350 a month. Should I pay that toward the car? It is at a 8.9% interest rate....

 how can i improve my credit score and what's the best credit card to get?

 My debt is pushing me over the edge... what should I do?!?
I have a credit card debt of $5,000 and a bank loan for $3,000. I'm still behind on the minimum and it feels like I'm not even making a dent in the interest. The bank has been harrassing me ...

 I own no credit cards and I am in Debt, How do i get out????
I have never owned a credit card and i am in debt. I want to make my credit score better. I have heard things fall off your credit after 7 years is this true? How can I change what is showing on my ...

 How do I get a Personal Loan for bad credit. I've searched & searched & get turned down.?
I'm trying to get a personal loan for an emergency. None of my accts are past due but my credit score is low because I have too many small limit credit cards that are maxed out. I've ...

 I paid a credit card late. Actually I paid it on the due date but it wasn't applied to my account that day, be
I paid it late but on the due date, it was Saturday after 3:00 so it was paid on Monday morning. I was charged the late fee, but I am wondering is this reported to the credit bureau. When you get a ...

 I gave my parents my money and now they won't let me have it!?
I want to go to Germany with a friend. She has an apartment there, so it won't cost alot. I gave my parents a $7000 check to invest, but now they aren't giving me my money. They say it'...

 Unpaid credit card bill?
Hi all, does any one know if my in-laws will be liable to the debt left by one of their daughters who has naffted off to the states, i should also say that the credi card in question was changed to ...

 trying to get a car loan, and i have no credit?
i'm trying to get a car loan, but less then 3,000. i have no credit, i haven't gotten any credit cards or anything. & i'm 19.

i've been employed at my job for 1 ...

 My grandmother is being sued after 10 years after she co-signed for her grandson's credit card.?
Is it legal for a law firm after 10 years to sue you (cival suit) amount over $10,000 for and old credit card debt that you just co-signed? Please help my grandmother is at her witts end.. Thank ...

 why is cash no good anymore?
i went to Dixons today to order something that they did not have in the shop, i went to pay for the order with cash, i was told sorry you can only pay for an order by card....

 is there a fast way to improve a poor credit score?

 is there a time limit on how long a crediter can come after you for a bill?
i know it will be removed from your credit report after a few years but i was curious if there is a time line on how long you can be held responsible for paying on it. i heard there was a limit but ...

 Which Credit card is best?
I just basicallly wanna know which credit card is best for a 19/yo that brings in around 800 a month....

 Does PayPal cost anything to use?
If so,
does it cost anything to close down your account?...

 Can't pay my credit cards not working what's going to happen next?
I am no longer working due to an incurable illness I have recently been diagnosed with. I am young and have about 2500 in cc debt that I just recently stopped paying in the last couple of months. I ...

 my credit score is 661. I applied for a credit card the other day...and I wasn't approved. why is this?
I'm so confused. I don't owe money to anyone and my credit is not bad at all. Its not perfect but its not bad. So what am I doing wrong?...

I need a $2000 loan. but payday services only offer up to 1500. What are my options if my credit isn't good
Im currently paying off bills but I know my score hasn't risen enough to go to a typical loan place. This loan will be paid off in 2 payments.
Additional Details
Is that possible to take out 2 payday loans concurrently?


Chris e
*Home Improvement
*Auto Loans
*Debt Consolidation
*Line of Credit
*Second Mortgage
*Business Loans
*Personal Loans
*International Loans

Even though your credit may be bad, there is one website we found and maybe the only source to get a unsecured personal loan with a credit score as low as 520. A credit community website called prosper.com, which is a marketplace for credit that enables people to lend money to other people in a safe, efficient manner.

Go to a different loan store for the rest that you need

Ronny K
You can apply for an unsecured loan between $1000 - $25000 at www.prosper.com if your credit score is 520 or better.

Talk to a family member, or your bank or credit union.

Dewey K
No matter how bad you need the money don't borrow from PayDay loan companies. About 20 states are in the process of limiting the interest rates they charge. Currently they charge about 300% - For information on these companies go to


If you can pay off the loan in two payments then why not pay off your debt in two payments? Don't take on debt to pay off other debt. That doesn't pay off anything. It just moves it.

Mr. Blue
Don't pay attention to the people on here who are trying to Scam you. Beware of Advance fee Loan scams.
Beware of Advance fee Loan scams.
Beware of Advance fee Loan scams.
DO NOT take any offers or click any links from people that post on this board... they are ALL SCAMS.

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