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♥Maddox's mommy♥
How is a debit card declined?
I called and made my car payment over the phone with my debit card on wednesday. I just got a call from the lady who took my payment and said that my card was declined. I know i have money in my account.. and i know my card is good i used it last night. I have never heard of a debit card being declined unless it was cancelled but mine hasn't been. It's just weird. So now im afraid its going to be counted as being late since it was due on wednesday. She was going to try it again and call me back if it was declined again.. this happen to anyone else?
Additional Details
No, I just got the card the exp. date is 3/10/12
I don't remember buying anything with it.


When all the $ on your card is spent!

the only way your debit card can be declined is if you have insufficient funds or if you have cancel your card because it was stolen or lost....

Christopher S
when ur money is gone

No Money in your bank account.... Declined..

if you want it to work. Put more money in your account.

if you dont have any money in your accout....the card was lost....or the card was stolen it can be declined

Fred M
They swipe it thru a machine and a little message comes up that says "declined"

yes this happens to me a lot and the problem can be that the card has been block due to suspicious activity or you did not keep track of your spending and you don't have the money available. another issue is running the card as credit or debit,sometime it wont work one way but will work the other way.but due keep in mind that the bank can block your card from multi drafts from one location of use cause it see it as fraud and the computer automatically takes security measures

A debit card is declined due to:

-an inactive card

-lack of available funds,
(this can be caused by a hold on the funds for some ungodly reason, funds yet to be released, a payment going through on the account simultaneously that causes a transaction error and the system sees no available funds for either transaction, other system related issues, or just not having money in the account)

-an overflow or requests being sent to the server at the same time,

-or some other miscommunication between the business's interac/debit application client and the bank's server.

I am sure there are more reasons; yet, I don't know all the ins and outs of your bank's software.

Take care,
Agnes @ ReadyMaid.ca
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You really ought to call your bank and ask why it was declined. It could have been declined for any number of reasons a side from not having the money in the account. The car company might have keyed some of the information in wrong (the card number, expiration date, or the security code). I see you mentioned you got a new card - have you activated the new card? There might be a problem if you haven't activated the new card, the system may be looking for your old expiration date. If this isn't something you normaly pay on your card, then the bank might have thought it was possibly fraudulent and declined the charge as possibly fraud. If that is the case, the bank should be able to make some sort of notation that it is a valid charge. Regardless of the reason for the charge being declined, the bank should be able to tell you why, and how to resolve the situation.

jennifer s
Might not be enough funds on the card or if the information was entered wrong on the card. Also, where I work when we run cards we need the billing address the card information goes to or the card sometimes declines. Also, sometimes if there has been strange charges on the card your bank will flaig the card and not let anymore charges go through til they speak with the account holder. I'd call your bank ASAP.

You better call your bank and check to see if you do have money. Most banks, thankfully, will not allow you to overdraft, causing your card to be declined. Or it could just be the car company's machine.

If you have money in your account the following scenario is possible:

Someone got a hold of your account number and made an unauthorized transaction, or even attempted to make an unauthorized transaction. (ie: suddenly across the United States at an obscure location like a gas station). The credit card company that your bank uses will be a HOLD on the card so that no other attempted transactions can be made. When you call the company you can find our the recent transaction history and confirm if all are yours or some do not appear to be yours. You need to answer security questions to have the hold removed from your debit card.

I know recently there was a huge debit card scam, my husbands debit card received a hold on it because his information was compromised. In this instance we received a letter in the mail confirming this.

In my experience whenever holds are put on my card, it's time to cancel that card number and simply request a new one. Better safe than sorry!

Howard L
Insufficient funds. Does anybody else use the card? Did you forget to enter a purchase? If you made a recent deposit there could be a hold on the funds so that while you say you have money in the account it may not yet available to use.

The card may have a transaction limit and or a daily limit. Call the bank and ask.

The car payment people shouldn't need your debit card. Give them the routing and account numbers from the bottom of your check and have them do an ACH direct debit.

Deacon H
Contact your bank about the problem. It can be a computer thing, malfunction I mean. Likely they won't report anything on your credit history if you're a long time customer and haven't given them problems in the past.

I was a cashier and watched clients I knew were wealth and had the money have issues with their bank cards. It's a computer thing.

Since your debit card is tied to your savings or checking, can you check your account online? See if the funds were taken out, or if you even have the funds to pay what you were trying to pay.

Also, did the lady read back to you the card number you gave her? Maybe she wrote the number down wrong?

If you just got the card, did you call the 800# to activate it?

There are many simple reasons why it could have been declined even though you have the money in there.

A debit card is declined if there is not enough money in the account or if the amount is over your daily limit. Most debit cards have a daily limit of how much you can spend on it. Is your car payment over that limit? You say you know you have money in the account. Do you have enough to cover the payment? Did you deposit money on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday? Moneys deposited may not be available for 24 business hours. I'm not saying you didn't have enough money in your account, I'm just giving you examples.

~ Floridian``
Used it last night, huh? Insufficient funds in the account today to cover the entire amount of the debit! If you're just a penny short, it will be refused.

depending on your plan, sometimes you cant use your debit card more than the alotted amount of swipes. even if you "know" you have money, you really should go to an atm or call your bank to confirm that amount you do have in there, because if you jsut recently deposited an amount (depending on the size) it could take up to days before the amount is processed into your account. this happened to my friend, but luckily he asked if the store (he was buying something) could call the bank to confirm, and they did. Maybe you can ask the lady if she could go ahead and call your bank (if your 100% sure you do have all the money needed) and ask them to override cuz stores/businesses should have a number they can call to authorize the transaction..if you don't want to have a late payment on your record

Not enough money is usually the problem. If you know you have the funds you need to call your bank. There is also the chance that you gave the wrong number over the phone or the drone entered the wrong number. There is a slight chance that they just want to charge you a late fee.

You said you just got the card. Usually you have to call the bank to activate the new card. Did you do that? My guess is that the new card hasn't been activated yet or it doesn't take effect until March.

If the information they have on your card is wrong such as the expiration date (btw, is it expired?), the credit card company, billing address, name on the card...etc. Most of the time, however, it is because there is not enough money in the account to cover the cost of what you're buying.

Gezup hose down
Your card has a fraud detection system on it. That is probably the problem. Call the company and they should fix it.

you might have given her the numbers wrong

Most likely it was declined is because you recently deposited a payroll check. Those take a day to clear. I know this happens to me. My account will show the money there...but not available. It really sucks that our own banks do not fully trust their account holder's check deposits!

Mrs. S
My card was frozen once by the bank as I had used it somewhere that was suspected of fraudulent activity, (they wouldn't tell me where). I just had to go into the bank and they issued me a new card.

No, but talk to your bank maybe they can help

Call your bank and make sure you don't have any holds against your money. Since it's a debit card, you need to have that much money in the account.

Also ask your car payment person what KIND of decline code they're getting.

It's also possible your bank has limits on the size of the debit transaction or your card has been frozen due to possible fraud activity.

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