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 does anyone know of a internet credit approval that makes monthly payments instead of the ridicules rates?
looking for a short term lender that is not in increased credit rates on the internet need a web site willing to work with ...

 If a credit card company cancels your account, do you need to pay off the balance?
There is no account to post nonpayments to. The closing of the accounts may have lowered your FICO score, but from there on out it won't be affected by that particular credit card company.

 What if you were me and you did the same mistake I did back on 12/30/00?
I'm only posting this because I want to hear from you on how you would would feel if you went through my situation.
Tell me how'd YOU'D feel, ok?

1) You're ...

 Has anyone ever filed chapter 13 and then pd. it off early?
If I want to pay off my chapter 13 bnkrpt. early are there penalties and do the unsecured claimed balances get pd. and if so how do I know what ones will? Say my loan for my trailor was $18,000.00 ...

 Was the Pope featured on a Mastercard credit card in 1988?

 I recently corrected some errors on my credit report, how do i check to see if they're corrected?
Ok actually, I sent in a correction to equifax. How do I make sure the corrections were made without buying another credit report? I've already gotten my free one for the ...

 pre paid virtual visa or mastercard for UK residents?
Im looking for a prepaid virtual visa or mastercard, I hae an electron card but next do not take my card so need an alternative. Preferably one that doesnt have all these charges and also one where I...

 does a cell phone bill establish credit?

 does debt consolidation work?
does the monthly payment plans ...

 What options are available for financing a car or home for someone with a credit score in the 500s?
I don't have much for a down payment and not much collateral, but I'm tired of throwing money away in rent every month....

 metabanks mastercard account5000964xxxxbankrouting number073972181?
want to know what is in my ...

 bad credit need 7000 fast?

 How Do I Stop These Darn Credit Card Solicitations?
I must get about 5 a week! It's so time-consuming to have to constantly shred, then recycle them!

Sorry if this question is a repeat, I know it's pretty basic. Thanks!!...

 Credit cards?
does anybody know where you can be 100% approved for a credit card with bad credit and without me sending them money or them giving me a limit of $300 and after the bla bla bla charges only have $50 ...

 paypal question?
is paypal accept a supplementary/supplemental credit card in transaction when buying at ebay?...

 payment withdrawal?
opponed recieveing this info by mail I email this web site/company to cancel my subscription before the ending date. and I also recieved a confirmation on cancelltion of this offer. but my account ...

 Do I need a "student" credit card?
I'm going to college next year and I need to build up my credit... what kind of card should I get? Do I need to go through my bank? Or can i just get a Visa? Do I have to get a "student&...

 Can a credit card company report you 30 days late if you paid on the 30th day?

 when you are trying to pay off credit cards in todays world and do so is it better to close the account?
to avoid fraud??? if I dont plan on using store credit card? will it hurt my credit score badly? I hope I didnt make a bad decision by closing it....

 what is a state tax lien and how derogetory is it to my credit report?
state of maryland. can my wages be garnished, if so how much? what are my rights, etc?
Additional Details
failure to pay income taxes.

will this lein make it harder for me ...

West Jefferson Alum
How do I cancel greendot credit card?
I bought this stupid pre-paid credit card called greendot, but I want to cancel it, and get my refund, the website says I have to call the number on the back, but when I call the number it's just this stupid operator talking for hours and hours.


First let me say I have a green-dot for my daughter that's in college and I love it.
I don't think you have to cancel unless you have money in funds you can just rip it up.

I sale tone of these everyday! You really just have to call the number on the card and stay on hold for days...if you know somebody that works at a gas station, have them prepay the entire amount on gas, then cancel the prepay and give you cash back. You're not really supposed to do it that way, but it's how I do it!!

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