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 What would be a fair price for a creating a manual?
It is a technical manual on installation and operation of a software. It is about 35 pages long with a very corporate look to it with a lot of edited images, screenshots and artwork.. Information was ...

 what is sort code of icici bank,murbad road,kalyan(w),maharashtra branch?

 How do I achieve a power level of over 9000?
Help, I need to get a sum greater than 9000, I have charged my lazer and shoop da whoop which provided a high power level but not over the sum of 9000, I need to do this as I won't be afraid of ...

 when DELL inc started ?

 What kind of individual employee recognition programs exist besides employee of the month?
I am looking to try to implement a recognition program but our staff is a team of 18 and just dont want to do the employee of the month. Yet still want something where they can be ...

 Does ebay or amazon ship prodcts to sri lanka?
i live in Sri Lanka and i need to buy stuffs like games for my ps3 and other electronic goods.it's awfully expensive here. please reply....

 best solution for telecommunication service problems?

 Tell Me What You Know About Primerica?
One of our friends recently signed up with Primerica, and wants to get my husband, who was recently laid off, into it.

Anybody know anything about it, beyond what I can find on the web? L...

 What is'' Appraisal records''?

 why dose people on ebay hate sending to italy?
i come across loads of sellers who hate sending to Italy why ?
I live in the UK and i'm thinking about selling on ebay

 How do you apply for a job at Fry's electronics?
Is there a webpage that lists the job openings and if so what is it? I was not able to find anything. Or do I go to the store and fill out an application over there?
Additional Details
I ...

 Can anybody explain to me how to schedule meetings for execs in Outlook?
I'm an assistant to works the schedules/calendars for two busy execs...trying to get better at scheduling/updating meetings and such. Does anyone have any helpful tips or anything that could ...

 why is the production of accounting records important?
it would nice to have at least 8 reasons.
Thank you :-)...

 pay pal buyer protection is a joke?
I followed instructions from a ebay seller to obtain a refund for faulty product. seller gave me a different adress than that of what pay pal had on file. so pay pal refuse to pay up when seller ...

 Who owns the Federal Reserve Banks?
"The Federal Reserve Banks are owned by private member banks"

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/
But what private banks? Can anybody list these private ...

 Anyone heard of free tek plc just wondering is it a scam?
ive been offered an online marketing business you get all the info on dvd etc but pay £65 up front ...

 who is the most socially responsible indian company ?
who is the most socially responsible indian company ?

I think we can give preference to buy products from companies which are most socially responsible ?

For example ...i need ...

 to what extend organisations need managers?
in detail, your answer should include history of mangement,the term management and manager ,his role with comparative study of countries, cultures and religions,thier effects on the role of ...

 do you guys knowany pros and cons on starting a francshise?

Additional Details
buy an existing ...

 Merrill Lynch CEO walks with 25 million?
This article on Yahoo has me baffled and I’m looking for some responses to help me figure it out.

Is this basically saying that a CEO of Merrill Lynch is walking away with a check for 10...

How can an employee lose their pension, when a company goes bankrupt?
Can a company do that even if the employees have a union? My brother-In-law has worked for a trucking company for nearly 10 years, and the company is going through bankruptcy, can they lose their pension. This does not seem fair. what are is your knowledge or advice?


Henry W
The employee pension plan is part of the asset of the company. It is not protected from creditors. Just like your RRSP which is not protected from creditors if you declare bankruptcy. The Canadian Government is planning to do something about the employee pension. Hopefully it will be protected from bankruptcy proceeding in the future.

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