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 Do corporations really care about you?
In a period of bailouts, deceptive practices, corporate greed, undeserved bonuses, astronomical executive salaries for bad decisions, outsourcing jobs overseas, downsizing, layoffs, tax avoidance, ...

 Should i put the Corporation that owns/runs my workplace on my Resume?
Alright, I'm just trying to upgrade my Resume a bit and was curious whether it was necessary to put the corporation that owns my workplace. For example, I work for Reno-Depot, a hardware/big-box ...

 Which is a better job - HR in a good staffing company or working in some IT company like Wipro?
I am doing MBA in HR & I am 34.I am confused & i have a experience in sales(non-IT).What should i do?...

 how old do you have to be to work at walmart?
in MN...

 Shri Dhirubhai Ambani?
Why Is that only very very few people with character and thinking like shri dhirubhai are born once in a generation?

I mean though other people are rich and big most of them are still ...

 would you join amway?
have you ever thought about joining amway? If so let me ...

 How many hours are you expected to be in the office as a full time salaried employee?
If a company hires somebody in a corporate office for a full time, salaried position with no set work hours, how many hours should the employee be in the office?

Does lunch time count ...

 If Donald Trump was my boss, is there anyway I can do to make him happy and keep him from firing me?
If I do well on the job as on apprentice and do everything I could for him or buy him gifts, will that make him happy and keep me from being fired?...

 TQM, JIT, flexible manufacturing, and reengineering can all increase quality, efficiency, and responsiveness t?

 If you ordered lotion on Ebay on May 2nd, and as of May 18th did not receive it, what?
what would you do?...

 Are there any corporations in which the employees elect the president?

 Are there any businesses/industries that should be non-profit?
This is totally open-ended, I've got no preconceptions. But I was wondering whether there should be a profit motive in an industry that is supposed to be helping to keep us healthy. And that ...

 companies for last year projects...?
m doing bscit. how can i find companies that offer projects for last year......

 explain the purpose of a interview for an employer?

 What happened in the scandal of the company enron?

 is there is any U.N. compensation is there?
Dear Lucky Winner!

Your email has been short listed as one of our lucky winners in this
month`s microsoft and msn lottery
You are the lucky winner to the sum of one million U.S ...

 four financial statements?
titles of four financial ...

 Who is Warren Buffet?

 Do you believe the BA striking staff are treated badly by their employer?
I've not read up on this but as far as I'm aware the stewards are paid twice as much as the next best paid airline staff. I also heard on the radio that the staff are angry at a proposed ...

 What is Social/ Corporate Social Responsibility?
I need to find out the social/ corporate social responsibility of Qantas Airways.
anyone care to help me??...

3rd shift stocking jobs and 3rd interview at walmart?
I have my 3rd interview at walmart tommorow and I am pretty confident that I will get the job, but I am curious as to what the starting pay will be so I can decide if I want to pursue this job or look for others because I hear WalMart employees are treated poorly. Does anyone have experience with this job and know the starting pay and how they were treated as a stocker. Also any indication of how many hours I will get per week?


Captain Jack
Watch Wal-Mart - High Cost of Low Price. It's in ten parts on Youtube. You just might change your mind.


i myself am a 3rd shift walmart stocker, and u pretty much got the job, other than the piss test you will probably be asked to do after the conclusion of this interview lol..but im not sure what the starting wage is, i know you get 50 cent extra for O/N. but if there is staffing at your walmart it seriously would be an alright job..if not, get out of there lol...and if your management is messed up definetly leave..lol ive been there 4 years and its gone way down hill..

It's going to be minimum wage, LaTasha. I believe you will get plenty of graveyard shift hours and will be expected to be very fast and efficient - and even then you will be treated poorly. See, if you are a good worker, the store will constantly be calling you up to cover other people's shifts when they call in sick (because they are going to a concert or having a party). You are the one who will get to cover those shifts - that is, until you learn to turn off your phone or get caller ID.

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