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 I decided to test market my product and asked my friends to fill my questionnaire first before testing it out?
I'm selling fashion jewellery imported from Asia on Ebay. the reason why I asked my friends was to find out what young people liked and both of my friends say that the necklaces are not any ...

 consumer behavior???
help me pls.... im kinda confused.
a)how can a culture of a certain society affect a consumer's behavior?
b) why do you need to understand the culture of a society before putting up a ...

 What is the best search engine?

 My ebay account has been suspended and all my families, what can i do?
Ebay suspended my account about 5 moths ago for selling 2 items and getting neg feedback, i had 350 pos! i had trouble with a ebay member thretening me but nothing had been done about that, next ...

 please give me a list of 30 classifieds in which i can sign up...thanks in advance?

 If i have a great marketing idea for a big company how do I go on about presenting it to them.?
Will I get royalties from my idea? and how much?...

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i want to know the best and free way to generate traffic on our site?...

 Aspiring High Fashion Model Looking for a TFCD in San Diego?
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 How to earn money online besides selling, writing blogs and advertising?

 what does BFS stand for? The BFS gas station?

 how can i find a sample proposal for catering?

 Is it safe to advertise babysitting in public places?
I just took a babysitting class for 9 hours and would like to look for a gig. Unfortunatley I know literally NO ONE with small children so networking isn't really going to work. I know no ...

 how to get customers, how to do promotions?
i started a new company with my 4 college friends, our company name[GREEN CHILLY HOLIDAYS/COMPUTERS LLP].
The nature of the company is to provide:-

1. Travel consultancy ...

 My competitor is flagging my ads mercilessly and won't stop. How can I fight back?
I'm posting this question again, because for whatever reason I'm unable to see all the answers I got the first time. I'm only able to see the first answer and that's it


 My competitor is flagging me mercilessly on craigslist...How can I fight back?
I own a small mattress company and pay someone to run it for me. My main competitor is a larger company. Craigslist is HUGE in my city so everybody tries to get on. When I started, I'd post 3 ...

 What is the best software to use to run an in-house affiliate marketing program?
I want to use affiliate marketing but don't want to use commision junction. What is the best software to use to run an in-house affiliate marketing program?...

 Can someone suggest a name for a herbal cosmetic brand?
the brand has a conditioner, shampoo and creams. all the products are of 100% natural ingredients..
im looking for a name that is attractive and relevant.....

 difference between highest price business model and highest assortment model?

 Marketing Mix the Four P's?

 Anyone used or know anything about the China Company elefamou.com?

how to promote an affiliate program?
I am managing an affiliate program. But I am confused how to promote it and how to bring members to join my program. We have much more advantages and benefits but where to tell and how to promote?


You can get the answer here. ==> http://urclickbank.co.cc

Graeme Alan
Well if you don't want to start with your personal relationships, you can start a blog. That's probably the most effective way. Buy a domain, set up wordpress on it, and start writing about the topic of your affiliate program. Target certain keywords, and try to get other sites to link to yours so that you get search engine traffic for those keywords. Over time you'll get thousands of people interested in your blog, and many of those will join your program.

first you have to fine a niche market then you can go to website that have products for sell e.g.
clickbank ..You just follow a model ..this website have everything that you have to know


Michael Shaw
SSShhhh one word Squidoo

John Gill
you can promote it by the blog writing

The program which are going to start must have training and guide section to promote their products or service as an affiliate. Find out first and refer.

Second, Rome was not built in a day. So, You have to establish your credibility through your good jobs and acts. Remain Good person and earn more and more credits from your influences. Help your friends, Relatives and associates to solve their problems. Don't expect anything in return at first. Assure them your advise and guidance will help them in their business.

Start writing better emails, Articles, Blog post and sales letters. If you are not confident hire a person Or get involved in any copy-writing course. Which will definitely help you in your life.

Share your ideas and information related with your products and service you want to market and see yourself becoming success in few months. Have a nice time.

The Better Business Idea Guru.

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