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Fixed Annuity Basics
There are a large number of annuity products available today. One of these popular products is the fixed annuity, which has proven to be a valuable tool in retirement planning. Fixed annuities come in two primary forms; those that have a deferred payout and those that have an immediate payout. ...
More Light is Shed on Mutual Funds
A prospectus for a mutual fund describing that fundís objectives, financial statements, and history probably doesnít sound like a fun read to most people. ...
Estate Planning:The Gift that Keeps on Giving
If youíre like most Americans, you like to give gifts nearly as much as you like to receive them. Luckily, if youíre serious about estate planning thereís a handy technique called gifting that can potentially save your family, friends and heirs a lot of money on estate taxes in the future. ...
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Forum Posts

 in a corporation can the owner be held liable for a bad check?
Can the owner be held personaly responsible. The understanding i got from being in a corporation is that the corporation forms an umbrella over you and your assets....

 If a company owes $50,000 to another company in services and then goes bankrupt, any hope to getting that $?
Any hope to the service company in getting that money? Seems unfair to do work and not be protected....

 What could be done to make license agreements and terms of service more readable?
What about at least a synopsis written at the top, along with a disclaimer stating the synopsis doesn't contain everything you need to know? This would at least be better than what's ...

 this is true?
i receive email from bmw group of company, i am star ...

 Should I do anything?
So I took a test today for a police department position and we were taking a physical exam.. well we did timed events, we had 8 minutes to complete the course, well just before the last event, I ...

 can some one tell me how to establish business?
personal ...

 why did dissolution of the global excellence alliance happen? what are the key issues and true problems?
the global airlines industry has proved to be fertile ground for the formation of several strategic alliances. In 1989, Singapore Airlines, Swissair and Delta Airlines formed the Global Excellence A...

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