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Fixed Annuity Basics
There are a large number of annuity products available today. One of these popular products is the fixed annuity, which has proven to be a valuable tool in retirement planning. Fixed annuities come in two primary forms; those that have a deferred payout and those that have an immediate payout. ...
More Light is Shed on Mutual Funds
A prospectus for a mutual fund describing that fundís objectives, financial statements, and history probably doesnít sound like a fun read to most people. ...
Estate Planning:The Gift that Keeps on Giving
If youíre like most Americans, you like to give gifts nearly as much as you like to receive them. Luckily, if youíre serious about estate planning thereís a handy technique called gifting that can potentially save your family, friends and heirs a lot of money on estate taxes in the future. ...
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Forum Posts

 what kind of investment plan would be good for $20,000.00. Money market, CD's, stock.s an bond's or oil?
I'm looking for some investment information, that would help me with my long term goal an short term goals....

 Regarding the JSA if you have over ¬£16,000 in savings what happens then?

Additional Details
What happens regarding your stamp while you are looking for work then?...

 had a bank question?
i got scammed on the internet, some guys sent me a check of 3,800. turned out the check was fake and it was one of those mystery shopper things and i accidently felt for it. now the bank has shutted ...

 i need to earn alot of money fast ?
i need to get some cash quick! but i dont want to rob a bank, i need £30,000 any ideas or help?...

 How to get a home improvement loan?
My parents and I own 2 homes on the same lot. We havent had home owners insurance for over 10 years. I want to get a home improvement loan, so I can qualify for home owners insurance and improve my ...

 What is a good amount to save before moving out for the first time? How much did it cost you?
I am 16 now. I will be 18 and will have 6-7 months to save up. I will be a healthcare assistant and I could save anywhere between £4800 and £5600 depending on my wage. Will that be enough to afford ...

 is it possible for me to call up my bank?
and ask them to cancel a transaction? will they refuse? or?
Additional Details
the money is coming from paypal and i really dont want it to, so could i call my bank and tell ...

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