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Fixed Annuity Basics
There are a large number of annuity products available today. One of these popular products is the fixed annuity, which has proven to be a valuable tool in retirement planning. Fixed annuities come in two primary forms; those that have a deferred payout and those that have an immediate payout. ...
More Light is Shed on Mutual Funds
A prospectus for a mutual fund describing that fundís objectives, financial statements, and history probably doesnít sound like a fun read to most people. ...
Estate Planning:The Gift that Keeps on Giving
If youíre like most Americans, you like to give gifts nearly as much as you like to receive them. Luckily, if youíre serious about estate planning thereís a handy technique called gifting that can potentially save your family, friends and heirs a lot of money on estate taxes in the future. ...
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Forum Posts

 Where do stock market investors get the latest news and events about the stock markets?

 What is the best investment for a little over 1000 dollars. Time is not an issue and I don't want any risk.
I have a little over 1000 dollars to invest. I wont need the money any time soon so time is not an issue. I am not interested in any types of stock or anything else that involves risk. I just want to ...

 Would you rather start a franchise or start on real estate investing?
I have two nickel and dime jobs...scratching and clawing to make my way to the next level of financial income of wealth. I'm trying to rake up about $20,000 in the next two years off my blood, ...

 Question about selling stocks short.?
From what I understand about shorting is that you borrow a stock sell it high then when the price drops you buy it back, thus generating. But what i dont understand is exactly who you borrow the ...

 I am thinking of investing in stocks. Any advice, warnings, or suggestions?
I already invest in other places that are stable for retirment but would like to start researching stocks and possibly investing. Where is the best place to do research?
What should I look for ...

 Should I lower my investments with my company retirement plan? Bonds instead of all stocks?
I'm in my late 30's and have about 65k in my retirment plan. My company match is 4%, but I invest 10% at this time. I've done that age thing and yes the 60 something was in all stocks. ...

 if you got only a week to buy a stock (say $ 500) and sell it , then what is your pick ?

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